Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

“Briones, Tubig oh!”


“Towel mo! Pawisan ka na!”


“Magpalit ka na ng damit, uy!”


Isang linggo na lang at Sports fest na, kaya naman atleast twice a week nagpa-practice sina Mr. Briones.

Yung babaeng nagsigaw na yun?  It’s hard to believe but that was me. Hanggang ngayon, ini-invade pa din ni Lance ang brain ko. I realized, it was okay with me because it made me forget Jefferson in some way.

“Mel, bakit parang ang bait mo na sa akin?” A man suddenly showed up in front of me. A dazzling sweaty man wiping off his sweat on his forehead.

“H-Ha? Baliw perverted jerk! Kailan ako naging mabait sa’yo?!”


“Tss, nagkaka-crush ka na sa akin! Admit it, girl with fat legs!” He looked away.

“Ang kapal mo naman!” Sinigaw ko sa kanya. My heart is beating fast.

“Siguro nga, pero . . .” He leaned closer, I closed my eyes . . . crossing my fingers at my back. Déjà vu.

“Thank you” He pat me on the head. This was Jefferson always did.

Sucks to be me. Am I really falling? Wish he would catch me though.


4 days later…

“WHAT?! Who’s acting like who?” Sigaw ng maingay kong bestfriend.

“You heard me. I always see Jeff in him these days. Like watdaef Nes! I think I’m falling for him! Hard!” I was looking at no where while talking.

“Oh my. . . Are you falling for Kuya Lance?!” She was yelling at me as if I shouldn’t.

“I don’t know . . . I mean there’s nothing wrong, right?” I sounded desperate.

I guess this is the time for me to move on, isn’t it? Jefferson. . .

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