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Vanessa's POV.

"Vanessa!!!!" oh my god! Hadley? I haven't seen her in two years. Two long frigging years; she has been my bestfriend since we were toddlers.After college she moved to Aussi, so all the while we communicated through skype and whatsapp.

She hasn't changed a bit. Pretty as ever clad in blue shorts,a grey crop top which pointed "YOU SUCK", a blue beanie over her rich blonde hair and uggs to complete her Hadley-aura.Her skin is a perfect golden white while her eyes are the lightest of blue.

I'm practically staring at her, good for me she knows me well enough to know that I take time to process a surprise. Walking to me all delighted she stops a feet away from me and snaps her manicured finger,to pull me out of my shocked state.

"vani!! " she chuckles.

"oh my god Hadley!" I exclaim "you are F.ucking fat! " the last thing she expected to hear from me is that. Her face immediately crumple into a frown, so what?  A little joke doesn't hurt right?

Hadley is very self concious ,especially when it comes to her beauty and  maintaining her body. So even if the world was to end, she wouldn't fail to die pretty. Yeah, that's her. I can't blame her for that anyway because her happiness is what's important.

"kidding babe " I say and instantly her lips pull upwards. I pull her to a warm hug and tell her how much I missed her.

Somebody clears his throat and I turn to see my impatient patients staring at me a little annoyed I guess. Oops!

"Oh! " Hadley notices and turn to them "sorry guys I wont keep her anymore "

we hug again and bid eachother byes. She turn around and walks out of my section while greeting them "have a nice day!" I smile at them and enter my office.

My office isn't very big neither is it small? It's painted white with a desk and my computer on it with my few items and a photo frame containing a pic of Harry and I during one of our many vacations.

I make my way to the glass paned window and open it. It's a good day outside.

Sliding onto my leather armchair behind the polished mahogany desk,I check the time,10 minutes have passed with Hadley and I remember the order for the cake,so I ring the Blue petal bakery to give and order for my red velvet cake.

"The first appointment please" I smile at my nurse, Elle and she leaves with a smile.

Two hours have passed and people have been coming and going,yet one more hour to midday.

The next patient shuffles in and I hear him take a seat. I take a good 5 minutes time to finish some paperwork on my desk before looking up to greet him.

Oh holy mother of jesus! 

Zayn frigging Malik, the popstar is seated in front of me. Who would have thought this would happen?

Honestly, I am not a big fan of him but I like his vocals and he's handsome...

"Good morning " I greet him with a totally calm smile,hiding my shock.

I'm sure he expected a shriek like those stupid girls followed by a great big scene with autographs and photographs. What bloody nonsense? 

He smiles "Hey!"

"So how can I help you? " I get to my job.( By the way I'm a dermatologist)

"I have this tiny scar on my hand " he lifts his hand to show me.  He came to me for a dot-like mark on his hand? I dont wanna live in this planet anymore!

My eyebrow rises at him,totally amused.

"Dont judge! Just do your job." he says grimly.


I prescribe a tube of cream on a paper and hand it to him with a narrow look just to show my annoyance.

He smirks " Need an autograph? " 

I got the urge to flip him off,but it would ruin my job and I'll end up in some lame T.V show, answering how I got the courage to show my middle finger to Zayn Malik.

"No,but can I have a photograph with me kicking your butt? " I ask politely and wiggle my eyelashes at him.

He laughs and bends down to my desk, pulls a booklet and writes something.

When he's done he winks at me and walks out.

what just happened?

As soon as he's out of sight I grab the booklet, but before I could open it my phone rings.

"van, you are late! " I hear Harry's familiar rasp.

I take a quick glance at the clock hanging on the wall to my left only to see that it's 12.47 pm.

Zayn must have been my last appointment.

"I'll be down in 5 " I say to the phone and hang up. Quickly I pack my things and hurry myself out of the busy building to the car lot.

I spot Harry in a black T-shirt and washed out denims leaning to his car with his Raybans on. He has a smirk plastered to his plump lips. Can he get any sexier?



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