Chapter 74_

My heels clicked against the hardwood floors as I made my way downstairs the next morning.

I found myself already knowing where to turn and which halls to take as I neared the living room. Looks like I was getting used to being around here. 

It was quiet. 

The fire was no longer burning, leaving the pit with nothing but glowing embers that peaked from beneath the black layer that covered the top. 

It was abnormally cold down here. It led me to wonder whether or not Charles had opened up a window or something. 

I passed by Zayn, not even bothering to sneak a glance at him before I entered the kitchen and started searching the cabinets for ibuprofen and a glass for water; two things I knew he would be needed thanks to his drinking binge. 

Although my hands moved quickly my mind was still fuzzy and working slow. All I wanted was to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. There was a lot of things to be done today, including errands, meetings, mail delivers, etc. 

The scent of coffee that usually hung in the air was scarce this morning, and when I looked at the coffee maker I noticed it was empty. With seconds I had set the device up and was currently waiting for it to brew. 

Sniffling from the cold, I picked up the glass and the pills and set it on the little breakfast nook ready to be consumed by Zayn when he woke up. 

I turned around and stared at the refrigerator for a few moments, trying to figure out if I should attempt to cook something. Deciding against it, I shook my head lightly and turned away. I don't think I had any time. 

I waited about 10 minutes until I was able to pour myself a mug of steaming coffee. As I brought the purple mug to my lips, the steam warmed up the tip of my nose right away. 

I heard my tablet beep from within my city bag which I left by the door. As I walked over to my purse, I ended up chocking on the heated temperature of my drink and completely burned my throat and my tongue. I was on my knees, hovering over my bag trying to heave the heat out of my system. I probably looked like a loony dragon of some sort... but without the cool fire. 

It took me a while to recover from my internal burns but I did eventually and was now able to look at my notification being displayed on the screen of my tablet. It was an overview of today's agenda, just to let me know or remind me of what I had to do today. I liked having the notification sent to me in the morning just because I got to plan out my day (loosely), and it helped me plan on what things to do first. 

Switching off my tablet, I rose after seeing Zayn stir on the sofa. 

I watched his eyes open just a crack before closing them again. 

But then he opened them yet again.

I had a feeling he was going to try and sleep again until he spotted me not too far away. 

"I feel like shit," were his first words to start off the morning. 

I couldn't contain my flood of laughter that rang out, filling up these empty rooms. 

"I don't doubt it," I replied. 

He nodded faintly before closing his eyes and trying to hide himself under the blanket. 


"Not telling you what to do but you have a load of stuff to do today."

"Yay," he said sarcastically, still hiding himself.

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