I think you know...

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I don't know what Al said to Matt but whatever it was it seemed to do the trick. Matt seemed his normal self, which made me happy. Today we were flying back to LA to meet Miles and Ella, I still couldn't believe I was going on tour with one of the best bands in the world.

When we finally got on the plane I found myself sandwiched between Cookie and Nick, with Matt and Alex in the row behind us. Throughout the day I had been trying to get Al on his own so I could ask him what he said to Matt but someone was always around him. It was a long flight to LA-ten hours. Nick had fallen asleep on my shoulder so I spent the majority of the flight getting to know Cookie. We talked about our lives, about how he has known Alex and Matt since they were children. I found it odd how I never met Jamie when we were growing up. I wander why I never got to meet him...

Anyway, after hours of talking and movie watching the plane finally landed in LA. We were out of the airport within an hour(luckily with no press to picture us), and we were home not long after. It felt good to be back in LA, as much as I love England there is something about LA that I just love- it's probably the heat! As it is three o'clock in the morning I decided to put my head down for a few hours after I unpacked. I hoped the boys wouldn't be too loud but I think they had the same idea, the flat was silent for once!

The next morning I got out of bed, threw on some suitable clothes and went to the kitchen. I was the first one up so I tried to be as quiet as possible. I boiled the kettle to make a cup of tea when I heard the door open from the other end of the room. "Mornin' love" it was alex, he gave me a sweet smile as he came and joined me

"Morning Al, did you have a good sleep?"

"It was alright I suppose, Ella arrived early so I could hear her and Cookie at it in the next room. It was a bit irritating i'm not gonna lie" I smirked at his comment

"Luckily I'm a deep sleeper so I didn't hear there activities"

"So you say you're a deep sleeper yet you awoke to my snoring back at the hotel?"

"I think that just proves that you're a loud snorer" we both laughed at my joke

"What's so funny?" It was cookie, he appeared from the door with Ella's hand in his.

"You. I was trying to sleep last night but I couldn't somehow" Al said

"Oh I wonder why.." Jamie teased

" I think you know!"Al said giving the lovebirds a wink

"Anyway morning Ella, sorry I didn't see you last night!" I say

"Oh no its fine! It's so good to see you again and to be honest i'm glad your here, at least I won't be the only female!"

"Hahaha, i feel the same, I don't think I would of been able to cope having five boys to look after!!" I joke

"Hey hey hey! We are here you know!" Al says trying to defend himself.

"Al, she has a point" Cookie laughs. Al looks at me and I wink at him, he laughs.

There was a knock on the door. "That must be Miles" Alex says enthusiastically. He runs to the door



They give each other a hug. "urr guys, I would like you to meet Skye, is it alright if she comes on tour with us?" Miles nervously asks. Behind Miles was Skye, she was stunning, her hair was golden blond and she was wearing boyfriend jeans and a simple white t-shirt. I envied how she could pull off such a simple outfit.

"Of course she can come!" Alex said, giving her a hug

"Let me introduce you to the rest of the guys, I'm Alex, over there there's Cookie and Ella. Oh and there's Matt now, looking better than ever!" Matt entered the room in just his boxers.

"Oh hey love" Matt said casually, he wasn't embarrassed- I think he just doesn't give a shit.

"Anyway this is Matt's sister Jenny"

"It's so nice to meet you all!" skye says sweetly

"Where's Mal?" Cookie asks

"He's probably still asleep, him being the lazy bastard that he is!" Matt jokes

"Hey I heard that!" Nick says standing by his bedroom door.

"Anyway when we leavin?" Miles asks

Al replies:"One, so we have a while..."


Sorry this chapters a bit short i just thought it will be a nice place to leave it as for the next chapter it will be from alex's point of view!!

I would also like to say that i am shocked that i have 10k reads, i definitely wasn't expecting that!! If you like the story i'm glad and it makes my day when you guys comment nice things:))

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