I can't believe mum's old school friend was his mum! That means I have to look good everyday 24/7. He got off the horse and came over to stand with us.

"Hey Jake, this is my old school friends two daughters Selena and Grace. They'll be living with us for the next six months"

"Oh ok hey guys"

He quickly hoped onto the horse and rode off into the distance.

"Sorry about him girls"

"Oh it's fine, are you his mother?"

"No! His 17 and I'm 25 that would mean I had him when I was 8, His my little brother"

"Ooh I was going to say you look really young"

"What school do I have to take you to on Monday?"

"Grace and I go to the high school downtown"

"So you go to the same high school as Jake"

"Umm yeah I guess we do"

Thank god Kat didn't know about Jake and i's past. We started dating at the start of year 9 and we broke up at the start of year 11 so we dated for 2 years and our breakup was pretty messy as well. I caught him cheating on me with my best friend at the time Emily Spencer, he denied the whole thing to my face until I finally caught him red handed. I know your probably thinking wouldn't you of met his sister if you dated for 2 years but he lived with his mum and dad when I knew him and I'm guessing Kat didn't want anything to do with them because she was never at family events and I don't blame her because they were addicted to drugs and really abbusive. She had horses, a massive in ground pool, a spa and she had walking trails as well as a personal gym.

When we got Allie and all her toys into the pen we started unpacking and everything.

At about 10:00 I literally plonked onto of my bed and fell straight asleep. I stayed asleep until I was woken up at about 6:00 by Kat.

"Why am I up this early?"

"Come on we have horses to feed and chores to do"

"For real?"

"Yes for real get up"

I got up and picked out some clothes. I just grabbed some denim shorts and a pink plaid shirt, I brushed my hair and left it out. I grabbed my black high top converses and walked downstairs and sat down at the breakfast table with Kat and Jake but no Grace.

"Where's Grace?"

"Still in bed I think"

"Do you want me to go wake her up"

"Yes please"

I walked back up to where Grace was staying and when I opened the door she was fast asleep. I walked up to her and started shaking her, she didn't do anything so I sat on her and started tickling her. She screamed.

"Selena get out"

"Get up we have to do chores"

"Leave me alone"

"You should be grateful that Kat's taking us in so we have to help out"

"Ugh fine"

"If your dressed in about 5-10 mins I'll braid your hair"

"Ok I'll get dressed now"

I went back down to the kitchen and sat down.

"She's just getting dressed now"

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