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-Ermy- (Zermia)

Finally, After two hours of arguing which color would fit. 

So me and Steffany decided to hire a designer, which she suggested. When the designer came she just barged in the house without knocking.  

So me being the Good One *Cough* *Cough* I let it slip. But thats number 1. After showing her the room, Thats when the arguement happened. 


"This room needs a little costumization. Color Yellow and Orange would do it" She said while tapping her skin. "Momita, I want Black and Pink. Not shiny and stupid colors"[A/N: Hey, No offense to color Yellow and Orange, The're pretty awesome to me. :D] She Said. 

"We want it Pink and Black, Not very shiny colors" I said while looking at her directly in the eyes. She's human so I cant harm her. It's in the Law. "I want it yellow and orange. Not Black and Pink." She snarled. Okay, So thats 1.

"We pay you. You design the walls, Not change the colors" She said while glaring. I saw Steffany glaring at her while her arms crossed in her chest. 

"I'm the designer so I pick anyting I fucking want." She said while tapping her foot. Okay, so that's 2. "I give you commands not the other way around!" I shouted. I'm loosing my patience here. 

"Well Im the designer, So either you let me design or I'll leave" She said while glaring. 

"Goddamn it! Fuck the Law!" I heard Staffany screamed and punched the girl directly in the nose. Thats my daughter. "What the hell?" She screamed while holding her bloody nose. 

"Rule number 1 in this house, No messing with my Daughter. Rule number 2, No screaming at the owner. And rule number 3, DONT BARGE INTO MY FUCKING HOUSE! Its either you just design it or I'll make your life living hell!" I screamed. 

"Fine, But can you atleast get me a tissue" She asked. "Go get it yourself!" Screamed Steffany and left the room. WOW! 


After a few 12 whole damn hours, the room was finished. I paid the girl with 200 freaking Dollars and kicked her out of my house. I mean it, I kicked her. 

We entered the room and it looked amazing, and yet she still did'nt obey the colors. But this time it was different. 

The ceiling was painted dark purple like the sky in the night. The walls were painted blue with clouds painted on it. And the floor was carpeted with a color green carpet and a fluffy one. And I almost forgot. The ceiling has glow in the dark stars. 

The curtains are color black. Her Bed was a King sized and a color light blue one. She had a cute big teddys bear that was beside her bed. She has a walk in closet full of clothes. And her bathroom, The best! She has her own jaccuzi and the walls, to die for!

The walls have a paint on it with a waterfall and unicorns. So cute! She jumped in her bed, Then when I looked at her she fell asleep instantly. I pulled the covers over her shoulders and left. 

It's now 10:48 pm and still I'm working on my own experaments. I'm experementing on a antedote that can make you do things that will be said to you. I will put it on a contaner with a spray on it. 

The one who will spray it is the one who can only command it. Oh crap, I forgot. Today was the day that I need to go to The Bloody Teeth Pack. Shit. Well, wether they like it or not I'm going there tomorrow. There is no way that I will travel with my daughter at MidNight!

In my house, The people who live here are 8, Including me and Steffany. I have 3 Maids and 2 drivers. And the other one is my Nana. 

She is my grandmother. She lived with Katy for almost 6 years. Now she's with me. I dont live at the pack house. Too much people. I like being alone. 

I need to pack though. Lets start packing. I packed 30 pairs of clothes and also 20 converses. Also some few dresses and heels. I also packed Steffanys things. I also packed my weapons, In case that some rouges will suddenly attack. 

After packing, I slipt on my short shorts and my Jersey and drifted to sleep. 

- - - - - - - - - - -





I groaned. Ugh! Who the hell would call so early in the morning?! I took my phone from the drawers and answered it without glancing at the caller.

"Who the fuck is this?!" I asked angrily

"It's me, Cherry. Where the hell are you?!" Asked her. 

"Well, Long story Short. I saw a girl at the airport named Steffany and Adopted her. And I'll be there at 8 hours so bye" I said it very fast and dropped it. 

I glanced at the clock to see it was almost 12 pm. Oh shit! I stood up and went to Steffanys room. When I went inside I saw her standing while closing her bathroom door. I quess she showered early. 

"Why you up so early?" I asked giving my most confused look. "Heard you in the other room." She said while going to her closet. "Okay. I"m getting ready. So be prepared. Go downstairs when your done and find Nana Vina, Okay?" After that I went to her and kissed her in her forehead. 

I went to my room and took a very cold shower. I love cold water. It just refreshes me. After it I chose a Black T-Shirt that says: "Nutella is my BOYFRIEND" and wore my White ripped shorts and matched it with my Zebra Converse. 

I took my leather jacket and putted it on. I carried all 6 bags and went down stairs. "MOMITA! I FOUND NANA VINA! SHE IS SO KIND!" She said while running towards me. 

"Zermia, Here's your breakfast. Strawberries, Bananas and Blueberries. Just like you wanted it." Said Nana while wiping her hands with a towel. "Thank You Nana. Steffany, I want you to eat Fruits in the morning like mines okay?" I asked.

"No proble Momita." She said and smiled at me widely. 

After eating we said our goodbyes and headed to THE BLOODY TEETH PACK. I drove there using my Black Ferrari with tilted windows. Del Rio cant travel. He's sick. LOL.

Im on my way Bloody Teeth Pack. Beware. 

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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