chapter 3

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"I walked from home to school and I picked up my best friend. She looked at me and said: "What's wrong you seem upset." I started crying and my tears didn't hold back. "I-I-I can't go to Michael Jackson b-b-because I have no money and I'm to young to work." "Oh honey, she said, "I'm gonna make you very happy, There is a contest to win two tickets for the MJ concert. All you have to do is send a letter why you want this so bad. I started screaming so hard. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH." 

When we arrived at school everybody was talking about the contest. And again there was another chance gone. So many people. So many submissions, I'm never gonna win this. 

At math class I was only thinking about the contest. What was actually my reason to go to the concert? I was a huge fan. But yeah everybody was a big fan of Michael Jackson. I started with writing of my letter."

mom: "I might have that letter."

me: " I hope you can find it mom!

she walks to the attic. I put on my headphones again. This is gonna take some time... 

Finally after an half hour she walks into my room. 

mom: " I found it! I remember that Michael himself chose the winners."

"Hello Michael,

The reason why I want to go to your concert is simple. I'm a huge fan like everyone. And I'm curious how your concert would look like. Ofcourse I have seen it so many times on the tv but it's different then in real life. I want the experience everybody is talking about, It would be an honor to join your concert. I'm also intrested in what kind of person you are. Because everybody on the stage looks so confident. And the person behind all the genius can be so different

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Christina McJohn"

me: Wow mom, that's such an inspired letter."

mom: thank you so much sweetie. This means a lot to me,"

She continues with her story,

"So I sent my letter to Michael. I prayed every night that I win the contest. I required to the result., everybody did. I was just another fan." 

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