Chapter 7

As the woman was typing a few things on her laptop, her fingers froze above the keys when she suddenly heard a car pull up the driveway. She leaned to the side as she was sitting on a stool on the kitchen table so she could look out the window to see a silhouette passing through. Silently she clicked on a few things before she slowly closed the laptop and got of her seat without the stool being moved back. She grabbed the gun from the table that was next to the laptop and held it up as she pressed her back against the wall next to the door that separated the open kitchen and dining room with the large hall.

Unnoticed she held her breath when she heard the front door open and close, followed by footsteps that sounded like light thuds. She looked down at the heck that was going down as she took a deep breath now and jumped in the doorway as soon the door opened. Her eyes widened when she saw the person in front of her and let out a breath before she started breathing heavy.

“God, how… Jesus!” she yelled from the shock as she held the gun down and run her free hand through her long brown hair.

“Relax Lily,” she said and rolled her eyes as she saw her sister roll her eyes at her. “It’s just me.”

“Yeah, that’s the problem!” Lily exclaimed and turned around when her older sister walked around her into the kitchen. “You should be home yesterday morning… now here you are… with ripped up clothes… bare feet… and covered with mud and… blood?” she said and quickly rushed to her side. “What did you do?” she asked as her voice was a little higher than normal and saw all the scratches on her sister’s skin.

“I just did my work,” she said and shrugged her shoulder like it was a normal thing that she looked like that.

“Ally, you coming back almost two days later and looking like this doesn’t look like you’ve done just your job!” Lily said as tears came to her hazel eyes, showing how worried she was for her sister.

“Well I did,” she snapped at her little sister as she turned to look at her teary eyes. “It just didn’t go as we planned so I’m a little later,” she told her. “And if you would excuse me, I would like to take a warm and long shower and then go to bed to get some sleep… and maybe you should go to bed too, you look like a mess,” she said as she noticed the bags under Lily’s eyes and the tiredness in her face already pale face.

Lily let out a humorless chuckle as Allison frowned at her. “I look like a mess?” she said before she stepped closer to Allison. “You should take a good look in the mirror before you say that,” she said low as she kept her hazel eyes on Allison’s chocolate brown eyes.

“I already did, that’s why I said it,” Allison said and caressed Lily’s cheek before she sighed and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Lily standing there alone.

Lily sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, pushing back the feelings and the tears that were overwhelming her now. She shook her head and placed the gun on the back of her jeans and grabbed her laptop from the kitchen table. She switched of the lights and locked the front door before she set the alarm and headed upstairs to her bedroom.

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