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  Meeting people from all over the world is great. Until you realize that you can no longer be together.

  "This is gonna be your roommate for the next month, hope y'all don't hate each other." - the coordinator introduced me to Monica.

  Monica and I spent the best month of our lives side by side. We were at a summer camp in Alabama - USA. She became my soulmate in such a short period of time.

  She was from Mexico, and I'm from Italy. We were so interested in each other's country that we couldn't stop asking questions.

  At first, I didn't think I would have liked sharing my room with someone I didn't know, I'm an only child and I wasn't used to sharing anything with anybody.

  Once we spent three days together, there was not a single secret between us. It seemed we had known each other for years.

  We were both shy, so it was hard for us to socialize with the rest of the people as easily as most of them could.

  There were so many activities, and we both signed up for the same ones. We went mud riding, swimming in the bayou, kayaking, riding horses... they were all new experiences for us.

  We were both crushing on the twins. Cole and Cody. We used to talk about them every single night, but we never thought we would have enough guts to talk to them.

  Fortunately, the four of us went fishing. None of us had ever done it before, so it was just really funny trying to catch fish.

  Even though the instructor tried his best to teach us, we always messed up.

  We all decided to join more activities, and we went together to the rest of them.

  Time flew and it was already our last day at the camp. We finally met a lot of new people, but Monica was definitely my bestest friend.

  The instructors arranged a huge party for all of us. We all got dressed up. All the girls helped each other to choose the outfits. Monica wore my new coral dress, with some goldish jewels, and cute high heels. She looked so perfect. I wore a pretty white sundress.

  Boys and girls met up at 7pm to take pictures at the bayou. It was such an awesome day. That orange-and-pink sunset made it flawless.

  Right after that, we got in a room full of flowers. It was so pretty. There were flowers everywhere; roses, sunflowers, and lilies covered the ceiling, the floor, and the walls.

  Every girl had a floral crown on her head. The music was pretty good, the DJ played all kinds of stuff: pop, rock, indie, and rap.

  Monica danced with Cole, and I danced with Cody all night long. I was feeling so sad because I knew all of this was about to end.

  They suddenly played 'Don't Stop Believing' and some people started leaving the dance floor to have a rest while the rest of them slow danced.

  The twins asked us to dance with them. I was really nervous, my hands were sweating like two pigs. It seemed I had just washed my hair. I was feeling so dirty. But everyone was in the same sweaty-situation so I didn't worry about it that much.

  Cody took me back to the dance floor. It was awkward because most of the people were staring at us. He grabbed my waist and I was touching his shoulders.

  It was a simple and cute dance. One step to the left, one step to the right, one step to the left...

  Although it was dark, the few lights that let us not hit each other went off. And when I least expected it, his lips touched my lips. That kissed lasted pretty long.

  The lights were turned back on, and we went to a room's corner. He took something out from his left pocket.

  It was a pretty necklace. I just couldn't believe that. It was so sweet of him.

  After that, we talked for a while. I didn't want to leave Alabama. I was gonna miss him so much.

  The party ended at midnight. There was a small bonfire where we could make s'mores. They tasted so good!

  I was sitting next to Monica and Cody, he was telling us some not-funny-jokes, but I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.

  At 1a.m. the instructor announced that we had to leave the bonfire and go to our rooms. I was already feeling sad, I didn't want to leave him. Cody stared at me for like a minute, which felt like an eternity. And he gave me a good night kiss.

    "I wish we could stay" - Monica said when we were already lying on the bed. I wasn't paying attention to anything around me, so I didn't answer.

    "What's wrong?" - she came to my bed, "hey girl, you gotta tell me anything?"

    "Oh Monica! I'm sorry, I was..."

    " another planet. I bet you were in Mars. Nice place, huh?" - I smiled. She always made me feel good.

    "By the way, where did you get that necklace from? It looks expensive!" - she tried it on - "I love it! It looks perfect with my skin tone" - she winked.

    "You are not gonna believe this...but... Cody gave it to me!"

    "Whutt? For real? Awe."

  We hugged. After we had everything packed up, we talked for a while about about the camp, and a while meant two hours, mainly about the party.

  We also promised to see each other soon. I knew we were gonna make it. And we would text and Skype, so that kept me hopeful.

  It was already 8a.m. when the alarm clock rang. I was bawling. I said goodbye to my friends, to Monica, and at last but not least...Cody.

  Some people took the bus, some of them a boat. And a few minutes after that I was already on the plane headed to Italy.

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