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to put it on the lighter vein- you got awesome folks whose good with fixing gadgets, thanks to them you'll never need to pay a cent but they"l come around to collect favors too.

second- baby lad- those good with petty talk and big talk from nonsense event to redhorse conversation

party animal- your most glamorous, exquisite and sophisticated animal friends, with them you'll never meet da sun but party with the moon. watch for your silver coin droppin .

With the matters of the heart- you can always confide to your spill it out confidante.

And if you needed air-jump on to your whatsoever whenever pick -up centre friends

NOte of WArning: THey can be both addictive and orgasmic and purelyapplicableforthosengabudlaypangitaanfriends



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feel free sapiens.

nagmamahal (love)


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