Calum Hood {Requested} (smut)

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"Calum, if you don't want to go then tell me next time," you groaned, glaring at your boyfriend, who was driving.

"I didn't not want to go, but I didn't want to be there when I got there," he said quietly. You'd been at a New Year's party with your family, but you were leaving just after 11.

"Cal, you could have gone out with the boys," you answered, less harsh.

"I wanted to be with you on New Year's though," was his answer, as he turned back to the road. You smiled to yourself, resting your hand on his free one. He smirked a little bit and pulled your hand up to his lips so he could kiss it. You got home fifteen minutes before midnight and both of you changed to comfier clothes. You sat down on the couch, flipping the channels to the one that was playing the ball drop. Calum came out of the kitchen with glasses of champagne and a smirk on his face. He set them on the table and sat down next to you.

"I know that smirk," you said, turning to face him. Instead of making a sassy comment he pressed his lips against yours and pushed you so you were lying down on the couch. You smiled into the kiss just before Calum's tongue swiped across your bottom lip. You teased him for a second before opening your mouth. Your tongues tangled and hands wandered. You didn't know when, but you lost your dress and Calum's shirt was unbuttoned and his pants were on the ground.

"New Years sex? Can we make this a tradition?" he asked, sucking down your neck. You moaned and ran your hand across the bulge in his boxers. He bit your neck out of surprise and you slid your fingers under the waist band of his boxers, just brushing the tip of his cock. He let out a breathy moan and you slid his boxers down. He kicked them off and you pulled his mouth to yours, tongues meeting again. Teeth clattered against each other while Calum attempted to pull of your bra, which ended up ripping it.

"That was fifty dollars just for you, so you're buying a new one," you said against his skin as he pushed your panties down your legs. The smirk wiped off your face when he pressed a finger into you and you moaned, digging your nails into his back. He pushed in another, getting impatient quickly and then shuffling around at the table for condoms, which he must have brought with the champagne. He rolled one down his length and steadied himself, glancing at you for assurance before thrusting in. You moaned, holding back more with your teeth clenching.

"Scream, baby. I want the whole world to hear you while they count down to the new year," he whispered shakily, thrusting faster.

"Calum!" you screamed as he hit your g-spot. He memorized the stroke and did again, causing both of you to curse and moan. After three more hits to your spot you were gone, but you rode him out, tossing away the condom and pulling a duvet over you on the couch as the number counted down from ten. You both yelled along, kissing as the ball dropped and sipping your champagne like you were rich at a party instead of naked under some old covers. Neither of you cared though, just happy to spent the rest of the new year with each other.

Funnily enough, it did become a tradition.


Sorry for the late update, I was at a party. Hope you don't mind how short it is, I think the next one will probably be longer, but some people aren;t going to want to read it. if yu dont then dont im not just writing for one persons entertainment. Thanks per usual: Vote, comment, share

Peace, Love, Spock



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