Your Royal Highness  . . . . . . . . . .

In The morning Your Royal Highness was looking better than ever and his clothes style makes him look cleaner than The Board Of Health. That's a fact Jack!

His fans came to The Gold Palace to see how he was doing and how  the movie His Hotness is coming along.

FANS SCREAMING AND TAKING PHOTOS........ "Sir Miiiiiiiiiiiiichaellllllllllllllllllllllll ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

FANS "When will the movie premiere be out" they all wanna get those hot tickets because they already on sale now months before the movie premieres Thursday November 27th right after Thanksgiving dinner starts Brown Thursday right night Black Friday. Which his new CD comes out with some more new releases of eight more new songs. Damn! he hot He should receive his own Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award AMEN!

FANS "WE LOVE YOU SIR MICHAEL and Lady Sweet Pea she's our girl !!!!!!!!!!!! yasssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!" his co-star and real life lover and wife

FANS: "THIS IS YOUR MAJOR TRUE LIFE STORY WOW! JUST WOW!" but they had to be controlled because his Security is very very tight right now

FANS "Miiiiiiiiiichaelllllllllllll Jacksssssssssooooooonnnnnnnn we loveeeeeeee youuuuu soooooooo muuucchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh muuuuuaaaaahhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they want MJhugs and MJkisses!

FANS "Happy Birthday King of Pop Forever Happy Birthday King of Pop Rock & Soul Forever!"

FANS "Can we ask questions?" 

Sir Michael "Yes, what do you want to know my loves?"

FANS "Who do you love in Fan Fiction? 

Sir Michael "I love Queen Mother"

FANS "They all cheered Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

FANS "What about Princess Treasure Mion and Princess Tuesday Autumn?"

Sir Michael "They are my little hearts "

FANS "Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

FANS "What about Sweet Pea Your real wife?"

Sir Michael "She is here with me and we are going to be making more babies!"


FANS "When is Sweet Pea's birthday ?"

Sir Michael "It is on June 4th she is a Gemini"

FANS "Does she have twin personalities?"

Sir Michael "OH YES YES SHE DOES" and he laughs with the FANS too HeHe! HeeHee! Hehee!"

FANS "How many children do you have by Sweet Pea in Fan Fiction?"

Sir Michael "I will have a total of 12 a dozen as we keep going" 

FANS "You got names for all those children?"

Sir Michael "Sapphire, Mickey and Minnie and De'Asia and De'Anthony and Ja 'R'ria and Ja'Rion and Marlo and Mandrell to name a few" he remembers what Lady Sweet Pea told him years ago

FANS "Yayyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyy"

FANS "What if some others use your names?"


FANS "What is this baby name?"

Sir Michael "Sir Michael The II after me my son!" he smiles very huge grin

FANS "Miiiiiiiiiiiiiichaellllllllllllllll Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiichaelllllllllllllll Miiiiiiiiiiiiichaellllllllllllll" as they screammed louder because here comes Lady Sweet Pea to shake hands with his FANS too

FANS "Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Sweet Pea SWEEEEEEEEEET PEAAAAAAAA"


Lady Sweet Pea "I love you more" and the two signed autographs for their characters in their movie

Sir Michael signed from Sir Michael His Hotness!

Sweet Pea signed Lady Sweet Pea his stuff 

"LOL" from the fans 


FANS "Let's see you two kiss in front of your fans"

So Sir Michael grabs Sweet Pea and they hug and take photos together and kiss a long lingering kiss just one for their eager fans

FANS "Are you two doing another movie together?"

Sir Michael "You will have to ask our production manager The Goddess Of Imagination She writes all our material for us ALLLLLLL COPYRIGHTED and she can prove it You got to have a helluva imagination to beat her out fair not some thousands of fake email accounts and paying for your votes and bribery"

FANS "Do you want to tell us what His Hotness is all about?"

Sir Michael "A little bit about a real life Royal Couple who are married in real life and he is celebrating his next birthday everyday of the month of August until the 29th then he goes out into battle"

FANS "Who is he battling?"

Sir Michael "The Gladiators from across the Arabian Sea"

FANS "What are the Gladiators names"

Sir Michael "The Masons from Killuminatii"

Lady Sweet Pea "Honey, thought that was a secret for them to find out at the movies"

Sir Michael "Honey, these are my FANS I got to give Moonwalkers a little scoop! Right guys!"

FANS "Yayyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyyy Yayyyyyyyyy"

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