Bloody Possessive

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Aniket didn't let me out of his sight after we entered the event. Multiple journalists were asking Aniket questions, but he ignored them all. Heck, they even asked me some questions.

Aniket pulled me away before I could open my mouth.

We entered the room filled with all the preening peacocks in one place. The room was decorated lavishly with multiple flower arrangements, and a stage. There was a sort of bid going on, where some of the guests were seated near the stage in rows, bidding for an item.

Aniket turns to me, kissing my temple before leading us to a man.

It was Chinna, Aniket's best friend. I would recognize that monster anywhere. He was the sole reason why Aniket felt like I needed to submit on our honeymoon; he was the one to feed my innocent Aniket lies and put him through death and back.

I hate him with all my heart.

"Hello, beautiful lady. Looks like you've stepped up in your game." Chinna glances at my body throughly.

I had a sudden urge to puke on his expensive suit and beat him with the punch bowl afterwards.

I smile at him, trying to hide the smirk. I wouldn't want him learning my thoughts.

Aniket puts a possessive hand over my waist, pulling me in closer to him.

"And can you believe she's pregnant?" Aniket asks, putting effect on the word pregnant.

China's eyes stray to my flat stomach, and he instantly stops smirking.

"What happened to that female friend of yours?" I ask Chinna, referring to the person he brought along to have dinner with us.

"Oh, she's old news. She was just my conquest for the week." He says openly, winking at Aniket as if he would agree.

Aniket laughs politely, and changes the topic to business. "Do you think we can win that?" Aniket points to a ruby necklace.

I look into his eyes, since we are the same height when I'm wearing heels.

"I don't want it."

"You don't want anything. That's the problem with you."

"You bought me enough presents for one day."

I lean into the embrace, kissing him openly in the corner of the room. I could tell that some people's eyes were set on us since the moment we stepped into the room, especially me.

After all, this is the first event I'm attending with Aniket.

When I pull out of the kiss, Aniket looks into my eyes. "I love you, Krithi." I gasp, unable to contain my joy as he said that. I launch into him, kissing him throughly, before someone pries me by the waist. I'm so frustrated that someone ruined our moment, that I'm about to slap the person when I was forcedly turned.

"Alright there, feisty lady. This is an event, not your bedroom." Chinna says, laughing and smirking.

"It's alright Chinna. If you don't mind, I would like my wife back now."

Aniket's eyes stray to Chinna's hand on my waist and he scowls at him, prying me out of his grasp.

Aniket gives Chinna a look that says a million words. Don't touch what's mine.

When did I start liking this possessive side of Aniket? Oh, since Chinna came strutting along.

If it was another man, and Aniket got possessive, I would be mad. But it was the chauvinistic, utterly disgusting Chinna.
So I had no problems.

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