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I needed to try something new, something that will make me excited something to increase my adrenaline I want to feel the blood pulsate through my body. I was talking to some youths that I found in my forest the other day and they told me they had been to somewhere called Alton towers, they told me there were big poles that had things that you sit in attached to them and you go really fast sometimes you go forwards and back wards and really fast so I knew instantly this was the place for me.

I took another trip into the town centre to go and find something on wheels to take me there and I came across a road with many things on wheels in all different colours and shapes with what seemed like humans in. As I gazed across the road there was PETER! so I ran across the road and I walked behind him after about an hour of walking right behind him I poked him on the back, I explained to him where I was going and to be honest with you I got a but nervous talking to peter he made me nervous. Peter had his first kiss the other day with a Canadian girl, he told me that he liked it :) me and Peter had a long chat about the ride that goes fast and backwards and forwards. Peter told me that he heard that it also vibrated a bit in you bum and makes you feel giggly, we decided that we would go together so we stuck out our thumbs and hoped for someone to collect us from these muddy trenches. It wasn't long before a rusty old car pulled up and he gave us a little wink I thought he was being polite so we hopped inside the car. Me and Peter sat together although we did wonder why the seats were a little wet however I thought he must have spilt his juice box oh well never mind.

We explained to him where we were going and he said he'd get us there in no time. The man was being a little cheeky and he was being suspicious. I thought I'd settle all of the tension in the car and ask him straight up of he wanted a three some and he did so we pulled over and began ...

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