Chapter five (Rob McCoy)

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I stared at the house in front of me, it was not as big as I expected since the Jefferson's house is really big, but it's not also that small, it was just right. I grabbed my black duffle bag from the passenger seat, pulled out my keys from the ignition and stepped out of my black Mercedes e350. 

The house has two garage, the other one is closed and has an automatic door, while the other one is an open garage, which is where I parked my car, because I hate closed garage, it feels like my car is gonna be squeezed in inside, though I doubt that the closed garage is small. The door is wooden and has glass on each sides, I took my key from my jacket pocket then opened the door. I stepped inside the house and closed the door silently, I looked around, it looks very neat. I roamed around the house, and let myself have a tour of the house. The living room has four ceiling to floor glass window, that has sunset orange curtains, before the window is a couch that has a weird color, but suits the background fine, in front is a glass coffee table that has a small vase in the middle containing fake flowers, I looked around the living room and saw a flat screen t.v. screwed to the wall in front of the couch and coffee table, on each side of the wall there's a doorway that has no door. I went straight to the one at the right, and saw that this was the doorway where I entered the living room a while ago, I looked straight ahead and found the kitchen, in the middle of the kitchen there's the counter top that has four stools, two on each sides. On the left side of the counter top, there's the refrigerator, and some cabinets, on the right side there's the sink and another set of cabinets, and on the corner there's a floor length yellow curtain, the whole kitchen is surrounded by windows with yellow curtains.

As I walked out of the kitchen I heard a car outside, so I peeked through the glass thinking that it might already be Charlie(yup, I did not forget about the nickname), but it wasn't, instead I saw a middle aged man wearing shirt and jeans and carrying a red duffle bag. I sort of panicked, thinking that I might not be in the right house, I tried to run and hide somewhere, but before I could the door swung open revealing the man.

"Hello sir." He greeted politely, and smiling at me.

"Uhm.. who are you?" I asked trying to be polite as possible.

"I'm the driver of the Jefferson's. I'm just here to bring Ms. Jefferson's things."

"Where's she?"

"She went out with a friend, but I'm sure she'll be here in a few hours."

He walked towards the living room and placed the red duffle bag on the couch.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's Ms. Jefferson's things."  he walked back to the door then said that my room will be the first door to the left. I was confused.

"How did you know, that I should be staying there?"

"I already visited this house with Mrs. Jefferson yesterday and she told me that the first door to the right is where Ms. Jefferson will be staying. The first door to the left will be yours, the door beside yours will be the guest's bathroom and the door beside Ms. Jefferson is the guest room. I might also say that your bedroom is a guest room since the master's bedroom is where Ms. Jefferson will be staying."

"Okay." That's all I can say.

"Good day Mr. McCoy." Then he left.

I continued roaming around the house, so I went to the dining room, it was also spacious. In the middle is the dinning table with eight chairs. On the left side of the dining table, there's a black piano, just a simple piano, not a grand piano. Just like the Jefferson's house, the dining room also has a ceiling to floor window, but the windows is actually a sliding door, outside I saw a round table that has two chairs. I went outside to check it, the chairs are facing the small garden that has white picket fences. The garden looks like it's glowing because of the sun and the bright green color of the grass. I went inside again and closed the sliding door. I went upstairs, and found a long not-so-narrow hallway, I then entered the first door to my left, I looked around and felt comfortable, the room is neat with combination of light and dark blue walls, there's a study table on the right side of the bed and a closet on the left side. Above the study table there were shelves, three shelves to be exact. I went out of the room and peeked inside the guest bathroom, it looks neat like everything else, there's a white sink, a white toilet bowl and a shower with curtains as cover. 

I went back to my room and started to unpack my things, I placed my clothes in the closet randomly. Then when I was done I placed my black duffle bag above the closet. I lay down the bed and pulled my phone out of my right side pocket and dialed my best buddy's number, Jake Michaels.

"'Sup man." He answered after third ring.

"'Sup. Where are you?" 

"At the library." That explained the hushed tone. Jake might be a playboy but he makes sure that his grades doesn't fail.

"I gotta tell you something. Do you know Sarah Jefferson from our school?"

"Yes I know her. Why?"

"My parents and her mother are going to have a vacation in Hawaii, so she and I have to live together for three months."

"Dude, seriously. Your going to live with her. Don't try something dirty." He whispered with  hushed chuckles.

"She's not even my type. Are you finish studying?" I asked changing the subject.

"No. Wait up, are you living in her house or she at your house?"

I sighed, annoyed by the fact that Jake didn't drop the subject.

"Well, she actually owns a house, and-"

"She owns a house! Are you sure your parents are on vacation or you're just using that as an excuse?"

"Come on man, no. She has her own house that was supposed to be a gift for her eighteenth birthday, but then since we needed to use it was given as an early gift, I guess."


"So are you done now?"

"No, not yet anyways, I still have a lot to go through and-" suddenly he stopped, I thought the line went dead but I can still hear his breathing.

"Jake, still there?"

"Yup. I just noticed that Sarah Jefferson is also here in the library."

"So? What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know, maybe I'll tell her that I'm talking to you."

"Why would you do that?"

"I don't know man, but whatever. I'm hanging up." But before he can end the call, I spoke.

"Don't tell anyone about this."

"About what? About you and this Sarah chick getting dirty?" I can hear his smirk in his voice.

"Jake I'm serious." I growled.

"Okay, just kidding, chill out. Bye." Before I can say a 'bye' he already hang up.

I placed my phone back inside my pocket and stared at the ceiling, thinking of nothing in particular. Then I sat up looked around and stood up, I grabbed my car keys on the study table and head downstairs. I checked my pocket for the house key and felt the cold metal, so I locked the door and went to the garage. I opened my car and started it, I put the gear shift to reverse then moved. I tried to remember the way out of the subdivision, so that I can just head to the nearest diner myself since no one can come. When I was near the gate, I saw a red Ducati entering the gate. I didn't saw what the rider looked like, but I'm definitely sure that it was a girl.

And a freakin' hot one.

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