Part Thirteen.

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Part Thirteen.

You take a seat in the kitchen to think everything over. Not only were three murders committed here, but there was some diary. You wonder if your team had picked up on this yet.

Standing up you grab your phone out. But as soon as you do the power cuts out and you are found no longer being able to see besides the small illuminating light reflecting from your phone. Telling yourself it's fine you continue to scroll through your contacts to find someone to call.

As it is ringing you press it against your ear, but when the phone is answered you hear the laugh of a little girl. She sounded as though she was taunting you, almost daring you to do something. What that something was, you weren't sure.

"Thank you for saving them," a girls voice says through the phone. "Too bad you couldn't do the same with me."

The phone disappears from your hand as you stare at it in awe. Frightened you leave the house, not looking back to see anything again. But when you get in your car you feel a strange presence.

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