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He searched everywhere for Clary. Still, she was nowhere to be found. Jace entered her room to discover a note left on her bed.

Dear whoever has managed to find this,

I have gone on the most dangerous mission yet............................................................Shopping with Izzy. As you read I urge you to contact Simon so he can distract Isabelle and I can make my escape.

- with no faith whatsoever, Clarissa xoxo.

He just laughed. She was so stubborn. He considered calling Simon as she had instructed but thought better of it. She had been been missing for two and a half hours, surely she would be back in no time. It appears he was correct as the elevator rattled whilst going up. Jace then exited her room. The doors opened revealing an overwhelmed Clary. She ran and leaped into Jace's arms. He enveloped her in a tight hug and smiled to himself. "It was horrible!" She exclaimed.

"I bet it was" he said with no pity at all. "I did miss you though." Jace released Clary and gave her a small delicate kiss on the cheek. "Want to go to the greenhouse?"

"Sure. Race you!" she grinned and they took off. They arrived at the greenhouse panting.

"I won" Jace announced.

"Oh please" Clary rolled her eyes, hands on knees. She straightened up and sat on the spiralling steps along with Jace. Absentmindedly, he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. He stared into her emerald green eyes. So bright, enchanting and captivating. He brought his lips down to hers and time seemed to slow down. It was just Jace and Clary.

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