Chapter 9: Rotten apples

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Chloe's POV

What? Why are we at Candy Apples?

We are pushed through the doors and led into a dark room in the back.

"This is where you will be staying, call us if you need anything. Just kidding!" Cathy said in that evil, scratchy voice of hers.

"Why would you do this Cathy?" I asked cautiously.

"When I heard your moms were leaving you, I decided I should snatch you up! That was the only way I could get Abby's two best dancers!"

"Allie! How could you?" Maddie said angrily.

"You thought I actually cared about you? Ha! Wow, you sure are gullible!" Allie remarked.

I am kind of wishing I didn't wake up. Then, as if on Que, all of them left in the room alone. Well, if we are gonna be stuck in here, we might as well explore. Really, there isn't much to explore, the room is only 20x20ft.

I made my way along the perimeter of the room, until I stumbled upon something. I kicked it and I heard a yelp.

I jumped back in fear, and the creature crawled out of the dark corner.


OH MY GOSH THIS CHAPTER IS AWFUL. LIKE SERIOUSLY. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP READING, IT GETS BETTER. {im writing this a few months after I actually published the chapter, so IK that it gets better.} 😂



Adria 💖😘🙌

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