Ari's P.O.V.

My heart shattered so loudly that I heard it break.

The note, was very depressing.

Even though it is not meant for me, I felt the pain.

I grabbed my backpack and followed Katie look for ways to get out.

"Hey, guys!" Katie shouted.

"What?" Brittney said.

"Remember the cabin we saw, were we freshened up?" She explained.

"Yes." Alyssa said in a serious tone.

"Well, I saw a tiny tunnel, besides the big one, it had a key whole."

She continued.

"Maybe, if we find the key, we would find an exit!" Katie said, as happy as ever.

She smiled like a maniac, her madness so strong that It reflects her eyes.

"Um, sure!" I said.

"But this place, its huge! How could we find it?" Alyssa said.

"Lets just try. I know we could." Brittney said in a comforting tone.

"Only if Veronica was here, I bet she's safe.... Not experiencing this." I said.

Motioning to the whole Asylum, spreading my hands.

They all nodded.

"C'mon, I have a feeling we shouldn't be here." Alyssa said.

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