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                                KC's P.O.V

“What happened last night?" I asked.“I got sick. Then they took care of me,"Catherine replied.“Nothing fun happened?" I asked.“We sang, I really enjoyed it. They saw our throwback video. Do you remember? We took that video when there's no classes,"Catherine said.

“I remember," I said.“What happened to you yesterday?"Catherine asked.“My design passed. We had a little party last night, that's why I didn't make it last night," I replied.

“It's awesome when they're around," Catherine said.“Because you got to spend your time with your love," I added.“I guess,"Catherine wondered.

“Does he know about it?" I asked.“He's not sure about it. I won't tell him, I will let him know by letting him to explore," Catherine replied.“Slow process," I said.“That's the point. I won't take things fast. I know it's my dream to be with him. It's going to be a big risk,"Catherine said. “Risk?" I asked.

“I spend my life loving him, one wrong step, it's over,"Catherine said.“Why are you serious about this?" I asked.“I don't want to lose our friendship because of love," Catherine replied.“I got your point. Just don't be serious for now," I said.

“What do you want to do?"Catherine asked.“Make shakes," I said.“What shake?"Catherine asked.“Let's just make," I said.

We prepared the blender and find ingredients. “Let's crush this chocolate," Catherine said.“Game," I said. We put the ice in the blender and crushed it. We add the chocolate and sugar.“Awesome," I said.“Done,"Catherine said. Then we put it in our container. Then we freeze it.

“This is so good," I said.“Definitely,"Catherine said.

                        Catherine's P.O.V

I need to tweet this.

Catherine Napalan :) @CathNapalan27

My boys are gone for today. Just having shakes...

I got reply from Chris.

Chris Colfer @chriscolfer

That's not fair. We spend the night there and we had no shakes at all.

Then Darren.

Darren Criss @DarrenCriss

Cool. Shakes.

“Looks like they've reacted," KC said.“Yeah," I said.“You know we should better watch,"KC said. So I opened the T.V.

“Do you want to go out?" KC asked.“Not today," I replied.“Because you wanted to go out with Chris,"KC said.“No," I lied.“I know you want to go out with him,"KC said.

Then KC is calling him. OMG! He answered.

Chris: Hello

KC: Catherine is requesting something.

Chris: What's that?

I steal her phone.

Me: She's just kidding.

Chris: No she's not. Just please tell me coz I'm kinda busy right now.

KC got her phone again.

KC: She wants to go with you. Just the two of you.

Chris: Sure. Tomorrow.

KC: Thanks. Bye.

Chris: Bye. Tell her to don't do something hard today coz she's is still sick. Okay

KC: Yeah I will.

“What did he said?" I asked.“He said sure. Happy?"KC said.“What?!" I said shockingly.“I think he wants it too,"KC said.“I bet he'll call you later," I said.“Why?"KC asked.

“Just a guess," I said. I'm going to call Darren.

Me: Darren

Darren: What's up?

Me: My cousin put me in an insane mess. Chris and I are going to out tomorrow. Just us.

Darren: Isn't it fun?

Me: It's just awkward.

Darren: I got your back.

Me: I need to go.

Darren: Can you hang a little longer? I'm bored.

Me: Why can't I just go where you are?

Darren: I'm just in my secret place.

Me: Meet me there .

Darren: See ya!

I went to the bathroom so fast. Made a fast bath. Went to the room and dressed casual.

“Where are you going?" KC asked.“I'm going to Darren's secret place," I said.“Can I go with you?" KC asked.“I got to ask Darren first," I said. I called Darren.

Me: Hello

Darren: Where are you?

Me: Apartment. Can my cousin go?

Darren: Sure.

Me: Bye.

“You can go," I said.“Come on,"KC said. We left the apartment and took the taxi. Finally reach it.

“Hey,"Darren said.

Part over. What will happen next? Too sad Chris is not part in the next part. He will be back. I hope you enjoyed it. Love,Catherine

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