My Name is Shane

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As the last drop of beer quenched my thirst,the deafening silence of the night is already lulling me to sleep. I closed my eyes for a second and then got up to fight the tiredness and sleepiness that seems to envelope me. My eyes searched for a trash can in the room and saw an empty one near the door of the bathroom. I am about to throw the beer can like a basketball player when suddenly the door opened and there she is, wearing a white towel wrapped around her body. I looked at her, I looked at the perfect curves of her body.

"What are you doing?" she asked while staring at my raised hand and on the beer can I am about to throw earlier. I suddenly came back to my senses after hearing her voice.

"Uhm, nothing." I answered and went straight to the trash can near where she's standing. We passed each other and the sweet scent of her body made me lost myself for a moment.

"Here I am again, in this kind of situation.." I thought. I have just known Michele earlier at the party  thrown by my very bestfriend Carla. She's nice, we drank, danced and talked a lot about the same experiences that we  have when it comes to relationships until I have found myself accompanying her to this hotel room.

"Mich, I got to go now, It's already late! " I told her after taking a glance on my watch. It is already 2 in the morning. She's wearing a large white shirt now and a panty short. I can imagine how soft her skin is.. I passed her again as I walked back to the couch where I was sitting earlier to get my bag.

"You can sleep here..I have an extra T-shirt and shorts there." she responded. But before I can utter a word as a response to what she was offering, I smell the scent of her body again as she embraced me from behind. I admit to myself that I could feel an inviting call of flesh as she began to kiss me on my nape but this scene is no longer new to me. I released myself from her embrace so that I will be able to face her.. 

"What are you doing? " I asked in a soft tone.

I got a kiss on my lips as an answer for the question that I asked her. I kissed her back with an open eyes to see her face. She's kissing me passionately with her eyes closed. Her hands were caressing my back when suddenly a ring on my phone breaks the silence and our making out. I pushed her and searched for the phone in my bag. It's my mom.

" Yes, Mom. I'm going home now.. " That's all I could say after a long sermon I got on the other line.

"I'm going home now before my mother will look for me at my friend's house and won't find me there" I said as she was lying on the bed with that disappointed look.

"But... "

"..and before your boyfriend will find out.. " I smiled at her after saying those words. I wonder now what her boyfriend will say if he finds out.

"No one will know about this, Shayna" 

"Sure Mich! No one will know.." I responded as I packed my bag and lead my way to the door.

"Bye! and by the way, just call me Shane." 

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