Chapter 14

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WARNING: Chapter contains a Violent male protagonist. 

The Toyota Land cruiser stood parked on the pavement with its head lights blinding us. I stopped dead in my tracks as Rowan stepped out of the car and slammed the door hard enough to get it dented, or get the door loose from the hinges. I swallowed hard. I still had a few minutes to call my mom and arrange for my grand funeral.

The good emo-goth guy spun around to notice I wasn’t following him anymore, “you alright, Chica?”

HELL I’m not.

“Listen Rio, you need to make a beeline towards your car, now and fast.”

“What?” he slipped a hand around my shoulder, “No. No, you’re coming with me. Chez told me you’re my responsibility.”

I brushed his hand off my shoulder, and quickly regretted when I watched his face loose the color, I added, “Rowan’s here.”

Rio followed my gaze and stiffened. I gave him an apologetic glance as I jogged my way towards the professor’s car.

Rowan stood leaning against his car, the menacing aura had already began to plague his surroundings. I was unable to look him in the eye, shit scared for all the wrong reasons because no matter how hard I was going to explain this situation, I knew I was already qualified as a looser.

Rio followed my trail; I mentally regretted not warning him before hand since I could see through the entire scenario which sure wasn’t going to end pretty. One could take a bloody nose home or a broken arm in plaster—those were going to be Rio’s situations if he didn’t run now. Who was he messing with?

“It’s so good to see you here Mr. Masters.” Rio said, well naturedly.

I started a mental countdown,






Sure I expected an explosion, but this guy wasn’t giving me time to guess.

Rowan turned to face Rio and unleashed whatever amount of acid he could produce, “What the hell were you doing with her?”

 “Well, I was just..” Rio looked at me, then at Rowan and back, like a tennis match spectator. “You sure you’re gonna be alright?”

I nodded, hoping he would get a hint and leave. He back-walked, giving me one last glance, turned and jogged back towards his car.

Now it was just me, Rowan and the menacing silence which wasn’t peaceful anymore. His eyes gave me a through once-over. “Do I even want to know what the fuck you’ve been doing half naked at a club this late?”

“I can explain...”

“Get in the car.” when I didn’t move, he snarled loud, “NOW!”

I climbed into the car, shaking all over. The fear coiled deep inside my chest burning me all over. We drove to his apartment in silence, and I was two seconds close to begging him to drop me off at the dorm. There wasn’t a doubt about how much I had come to care for him, but I wasn’t so sure what he was capable of. He never spoke a word until we entered the apartment and that’s when he slammed the door shut behind him.

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