They Call Her The Frisk

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Some people are just worth melting for

~ Olaf


Dan had shown her around half of the school and told her about what goes on in Beacon Hills. She told her about how everyone ate lunch at twelve, most people ate in the court yard since it was still warm out. She told her that she had the choice to take Art, Theater, or Music. She told her that she had the choice to do Swim, VolleyBall, or Softball.

Celia also learned that everyone had a total of twenty minutes to get to lockers, get books and schedules, and to class.

Dan walked with her to get her schedule and books, she helped her with her locker, and by the time Dan walked her to class Celia hugged her.

"Whoa Casanova. Why the touchy stuff?" Dan said, standing stiffly in front of her.

"I just wanted to say thank you," Celia shrugged a sharp shoulder.

Dan frowned, "Yeah well next time say it, don't touch it."

Celia smiled, but nodded, "Okay."

"See ya later kid," Dan turned to walk away.

"Wait," Celia called, "where are you going?"

Dan turned half way and grinned, "The gas station down the street."

* * * *

Celia walked to her second period alone. She couldn't find Dan anywhere and didn't want to get into trouble if she wasn't in class on time.

She only had three minutes in between periods.

Her second period was American History. Mr. Mahone. His name fit his description. The teacher was young, looked to be fresh out of College. He was tall with light brown hair and lighter brown eyes. In a white button down shirt, royal blue tie around his neck, and dark pants he looked like someone from out of cheesy Teacher/Student romance movie.

"Your name," Mr. Mahone asked.

"Celia Frisk."

He looked up and nodded to the desks, "Take your seat Miss. Frisk."

Celia nodded and looked over to the desks. She noticed that the two front row's were occupied by almost every girl in the class, the middle row was occupied by student's sleeping, and then there were the last two row's in the very back. Most were taken by guys, except for one girl with her head down.

There were five empty seats left and four of them were all next to guys.

She sat next to the sleeping girl.

Like last class, Celia placed her spiral note book for American History in the top right corner of her desk. She sat two perfectly sharpen pencils by the spiraled side of the note book and sat back in her seat, squaring her shoulders, and waiting for the lesson to start as Mr. Mahone closed the door when the bell ringed.

"Alright class. My name is Mr. Mahone, you can call me Mr. M. You can call me That Guy, as long as you don't call me Austin, I think we'll have a pretty good time together." He flashed his pearly white teeth before picking up a stack of papers. (A/N Austin is not his name...)

Celia watched as the girls in the two front rows giggled and twirled strands of their hair around their finger. She wondered if they would try to make an intimate relationship with him. For his sake, she hoped not.

"I'm going to give you a small quiz just to see what you know. You don't have to worry about getting every answer write because you wont, but it's just for me to see what you know. So try your best."

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