Take You Out ;)

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       We was all ready to go

Me:Yall look cute :). You:Thankyou. Then we all walked downstairs when we got down there all the boys eyes fell on us.

   Javier:You look beautiful. you:Thankyou. Chris:Wow...You look amazing!! ;). Zarya:Thankyou. Zarius spinmed me around. I blushed. and jevonte took tyra and kissed her hand.

    Then we all left.

(You & Javiers Date)

Yall pulled up to the restaurant and got out when you got in you thought it was beautiful the chinese decorations the giant aquarium they had and it looked very Fancy and Like a 5 Star Restaurant maybe 10 STAR!!! xD. Yall took yall seats it was by a moonlight with giant glass windows to the outside by the porch with real cherry blossom trees our there.

Then a very pretty chinese lady came she had Black hair with indigo tips big pretty green eyes and a nics figure and  Yall ordered Brown fried race with beef in it and Some wine yall got orange chicken too :D.

Javier:So,wassup ;). You:Nothing much just chilling. Javier:Aww okay cool your very beautiful you know that right?. You:Thankyou *blushing*. Your welcome javier said as he looked up at you smiling. He had braces too :D.  Then yall food came yall thanked the lady and started to eat.

    Javier:So you sing and dance ?. You:Yea you dance too I saw your videos on instagram *giggles*Your so cute!. Javier smiled and blushed. Javier:Awww thank you mami ;) *kisses you on the cheek*. Oh my god you thought. You:Your welcome. You smiled.

As yall ate yall talked about different things like prince the family and etc.

      After yall was done yall took the rest home as yall drove home Drake-Just hold on were goin home you had flashbacks of when prince use to beat chu and he broke your leg and this song played as yall drove.

    Tears filled your eyes and you wanted to cry but you kept them in and played it off real good.

   As yall got in yall went upstairs together and watched TV.


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