SIX - Follow Me

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With the thought of following and figuring out their objective of secretly haunting zombies which is beyond the mayor's orders, I snatched my bag up immediately. A few shirts and loads of bullet magazines stuffed in it.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I just run my hands through my curls. Disentangling the knots and not thinking that I'll need to take a bath first. Who cares if I'd smell anyway? The stinky zombies would cover them up for me.

I hopped fast downstairs, hoping that I could still catch them. But about to touch the doorknob, it started twisting alone before I could even. My heart started to accelerate its thumping as I prepare myself for a reason to tell. C'mon Harry, think.

The door slowly creaked open and I can imagine my heart stopping its beating and my lungs holding itself from helping me to breath until, "Harry!" Liam acknowledged me suprisingly and I gave him a nod.

The surroundings outside seems like only or I must say already 6 a.m., the usual time I march to the gates during my Ranger Schedules. But these two only decided to go back at this time of the day resulting Zayn to lean over the blades of Liam's shoulder, definitely blasted enough to stand up.

"What's with the bag?" Liam pointed out, laughing. "Had a zombie killing-spree hangover from yesterday?"

I laughed, scratching my neck as I nod again. "But seriously," he cut both of our laughing out. "Where are you going?" Stay cool Harold.

"To the laundry shop." I blurted out the lamest answer ever. "You've got to be kidding." Liam said. He's right. Well, the town cannot afford the electricity that much so who would open that kind of business up? Plus the fact that money is just as simple as paper now.

His eyes looked at the bag I'm carrying behind then back to me, multiple times. And he just nodded, hesitantly. Well, it's been how many years anyways. They're already used to my questionable and confusing attitude.

Past Liam's shoulder I can see the three disappear as they help each other jump through the barb wires without hitching some skin up and then down the concrete walls. Of course! They wouldn't go out through the gates or the Look Outs will question them.

"Liam!" Zayn groaned, pushing Liam in. "Hey Haz," Liam grunted as he put Zayn's arms around him. "Can you help me to assist him up to his room?" If I do, I'm going to be late, I won't be able catch them if I help him.

"Umm," I thought of something else. But unfortunately my brain is still sleeping so I can't really think of a bright idea. "Oi, hold up! Where are you going?" I ran quickly past them not taking another look back. I have to keep this as a secret. I can't let Niall or Austin or Mindy to get in trouble because I'm too curious about what they're going to do. What if Niall is just making things up last night and in reality they're just going to pick apples from a tree today?

But think about this, have you seen people picking apples from a tree in a zombie movie or in any television show like The Walking Dead for example? No so screw them and all your thoughts.

Anyways isn't it a good timing that my brain is now actually working when I'm supposed to be locking myself in a room and finding an answer in solving a heavy situation like this? Dang, I'm so proud of myself.

But I know this would take us days for sure and I don't want them worrying about me and Niall being away. We're the only family each one of us got, so "I'll be back in a few days Liam. I'm following Niall. He went with the Commander outside the walls. Don't tell anyone except you lads okay?" I bellowed out, just for him to hear and he gave me a weak smile while he nodded for me to go.

As I run past the Mayor's house, I wondered which house did they climbed up. Oh, uncle Ben's house, I thought to myself. Well, that's an easy one since it's the only house painted in beige white or some kind of dirty white. And the three didn't even think that they would leave their bootprints on the wall.

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