Chapter 18

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Ashley's pov

When suddenly a truck came smashing into my side my life flashed before my eyes then everything went black

Ryan's pov

Ashley just led we all walked into the screening room to watch TV I switched it on and we all sat down

"Car accident on white smith road people say they heart a truck smash into the side of the car and that's Eccactly what happened in the car we have Ashley Braun let's hope for the best"

We where all left gobsmacked it was only down the road we ran down and saw police the fire deparent and ambulances everywhere then a truck smashed into the side of Ashley's car "omg" the fire men where all trying to get her out but she was trapped we asked what's going on they told us that they need to move the truck so they have acces to her door because if they to the other door the truck could fall and crush her then dismantle the car and get her out okay when suddenly the truck slipped closer to her "NOOOO" We yelled they started screaming to each other "okay we need to love it now" they attached the truck to some sort of crane thing then whelled it away carefully scooter ran to Ashley's car to see her with cuts all over her face glass in her leg and her head smashed against the screen "Ashley baby can u hear me" nothing "Ashley " the car collapsed around her the police made us get back the chief said "I want the car dismantled now go go go" they dismantled the car quickly and carefully then dragged her out and payed her on a stretcher "she's not breathing let's get her to the emergency unit go,,, are u guys family" "I'm her dad and these are her brothers" "okay come on then"

Slipping car ride

We where in the hospital waiting for some news in Ashley "okay so we just operated on her head now I just need to tell you ummm that she's in a coma when and if she wakes up you need to be very very gentle when you handle her is she moves at all report back to us immediately you can see her now" I walked in and saw Ashley laying there with needles in her arms and stomach two wires up her noes and a breathing thing on her mouth I walked upto her and said "Ashley can you hear me" nothing I guess not "insta beside her with usher and we held her hand "please don't die" we all waited and waited and waited for 5 months in that hospital nothing doctors said that if she doesn't wake up today she would die and they said the chances of her survival are low so we had planned her funeral but I was still with her "sir it's time to say goodbye" "rest peacefully Hun I'll see u soon say hi to mom" we all left her room and they unplugged the machine the line went flat seconds after she woke up gasping for air they put the life support in and I burst through the door "Ashley how did u but" omg we hugged her "Owwww that hurt" "omg sorry" "umm can I talk to you alone Ashley" "ummm yeah" she said nervously

Ashley's pov

so while we where running some tests I notices something wrong with you heart" "my heart but" "it's nothing serious just a small operation your left side or the heart has collapsed we should fix that quickly and nicly but you'll take a whole to recover" I started to cry as he told me this " okay I'll leave u now with your family we should operate in the morning before it gets worse he left and in cane the group "Ashley why are u crying what happened" "I'm gonna die" I said between sobs "what how when what" "my left side of my hearts collapsed" ...

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