Crazy or Not?

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Crying in the cold room - more like a cell - trying not to kill myself. My grief is too much! I miss Jack! I miss daylight! I need to get out! I cry and cry and sob and sob and wail and wail and scream and scream. The walls are padded so no one can hear me. The wall suddenly opens a bit and some bread and a glass of water is pushed in. I wail for help and for them to let me out, and start rambling my steps again.

"Whoah she's a crazy one. Good thing we have her here."

One of the guys chuckle. This makes me cry even harder. Ow any Jack. I want Anna. I want Punzie. I want Brooklyn. I want Hannah Hutcherson. I want my poor parents!

I scarf the food and water down. I hardly ever get enough here. I start crying again. Why did I have to end up in an insane asylum?! No one believed me and Jack... They thought we went crazy in that damn island. I cry and cry. Suddenly I hear something.

"Psst! Elsa! Over here!"

I gasp.

"Jack?! Is that you?! You have to get me out!!!"

I hear a sigh of regret.

"I'm sorry snowflake, I can't. I will as soon as I can though. Come closer to your sink. I managed to use my plumbing skills and attach our water pipes together! From now on we can talk through our taps! LOL!"

I grin happily. My Jackie-boy, always so smart and clever. Wait what?! Where did that come from?! He isn't MY Jackie-boy! I sigh. I'm so confused. I thought I knew how I felt about him... Do I love him or do I hate him? Are we friend or are we enemy's? Are we frenemys? I don't know anymore. I don't know anything anymore...

Except for this;

My name is Elsa. My parents are dead. I'm locked up, thought to be insane. I need to get out. I need people to believe me. My favourite colour is blue. I also love white. I have ice powers.

Wait. I'm an idiot! I'll use my ice powers to get Jack and I out! Yes! I've got it! I run over to the tap to tell Jack my plan.


Sorry I have writers block as usual.

Mwah xox <3

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