Bite 2

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"Ugh ..." I groaned in pain , I wish I stayed unconscious because my body hurt all over and it was hard to breath properly as well, I think they broke some of my ribs, they didn't kill me but they made sure I'll feel like dying .

My head was pounding and my vision was blurry, pangs of pain shot through my body as I tried to move, damn I think they broke some bones.

I blinked a few times in order to focus my eyes , I examined my body, my clothes were stained with my blood , if I wasn't me I would have die but I was me, the healing process already started so I assume it will take only a few days for my body to recover fully, but I'm not staying here that long, I need to escape .

I pulled the chains in order to test their strength, it was painful but I had to do it now as long as I'm alone in this room.

The material was iron, they will hold any hunter but not me, not for long.

I stretched my arm forward until I heard the blessed noise of creaking , I tried to pull harder, and the chain finally broke from to wall, still attached to my cuffs but I'll deal with it after I'll escape .

I moved to my other arm and did the same, sweat was trickling down my body from the effort , I was breathless and my lungs burned but I don't have time to spare for the pain .

I was trembling as I paced forward slowly, suddenly the door burst open and two of the men that beat me entered .

"Going anywhere hunter?" One of them smirked at me, "damn right!" I lunged forward and punched him , he stumbled and fell to the ground , they were both staring at me shocked by my strength , I took the chance to push the standing one on this that was on the ground and sprinted out of the room .

I climbed up the stairs , both of them yelling behind me, I knew it was a matter of time before the others will come after me as well, I need to get out of here quickly .

I could see the end of the stairs , I entered what seemed to be a living room , I scanned it and sighed in relief at the big window that was wall as itself .

"Stop him!"

Three men stepped into the room , shifting to wolves and baring their teeth at me.

I ran for the window and jumped , praying it was glass and not some bulletproof material that will send me toppling back , that will be embarrassing .

Fortunately it was glass, it broke as my body collided with it, shards dug into my skin as I protected my face .

I fell to the ground and rolled , the forest was infront of me, I pulled the shards ,stood and broke in a run, growling wolves behind me, I felt weak but I had to keep going.

I stumbled and that was enough for the wolves to catch up, I was surrounded .

Three big wolves circled me, the beta strolled to my sight of view with three men, the two I escaped in the basement and another one that I couldn't see because he was behind them, his aura was intimidating and suffocating , even the wolves tensed .

"Is that the hunter you were talking about Emil ?"

The man asked his beta, his voice deep and authoritative , it stirred something inside of me, but I couldn't be concerned by that as I stood there wounded and oozing blood .

"Yes alpha ," the beta confirmed and stepped aside, letting the alpha step forward.

I gasped as my heartbeat raced, for some reason I found the man handsome.

He was tall and muscular ,his blond hair was combed to the side, strong jaw line with perfect facial features , pink full lips, light stubble and piercing blue eyes.

Those eyes were staring straight at my soul , so many emotions in them,

Confusion , wonder, worry and... love?

What the hell is going on?

Something inside of me felt warm and content , ready to jump out and run to this man's hands,

Please tell me it's not what I think it is, please don't let it be it.


The man growled .

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