Chapter 2

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It's a big room filled with about 15 boys. They're all laughing and having a good time. And they look about my age, I'm 15. Then one of them notices me.

"Hey! How did you get in here?" he asks. He looks mad.

Everyone gets quiet and looks at me.

"Hi?" I say, then I mentally face palm.

The one who asked the question walks towards me frowning. When he gets close enough he lifts his hand. I quickly shut my eyes and flinch. When nothing happens I open my eyes and see everyone looking at me confused.

"What's wrong?" says the boy next to me.

He has brown hair that kind of covers his eyes. His eyes are also brown.

"I just thought you were gonna hit me. You look mad that I'm here, so." I said quietly.

"I would never hit a girl!" He says, shocked.

"You wouldn't?" I ask, confused.

"Why would you think I would hit you?" He asks softly.

"That's what my Father does."

He looks sad and reaches towards me slowly. I don't move, I just watch him. All of the sudden his arms are wraped around me. He's hugging me, no-one has hugged me since mother died.

He pulls back and smiles.

"Well, I'm Sam and you're never going back to that awful man again. You can stay here with us. Right boys?" He says.

"Yeah!" they all shout.

"So, what's your name?" Sam asks.

"Azcadelea." I say. (Az-ca-dee-lee-uh)

"That's a beautifully name." says a boy on my right.

He has blonde hair and grey eyes.

"Thanks. And you are?" I ask.

"I'm Liam, but everyone calls me Dagger." He says.

"I like both, but I think I'll call you Liam."

He just smiles and nods. Everyone introduces themselves after that. There was a big scary dude named Jack, a little guy named Mike, then there was Ryan, Jordan, Ethan, Zak, Rod, Ikey, Jacob, Adam, Bradley, Chase, and Jasper.

They all had nicknames to, but I won't use them. After the introductions we all went to sleep. They gave the only room they had. I tried to protest but they said I was a girl so they should give it to me. I went to sleep only to wake up screaming from nightmares a few hours later.

All the boys piled into my room quickly asking if I was okay.

"I'm fine, I just had a nightmare about my Father." I said trying to calm them down.

They all got angry looks on their faces.

"Don't worry, that evil man won't ever hurt you again." said Jasper, in such a murderous voice it scared me.

"Thank you." I say, and jump up to hug him.

He seems surprised but hugs me back. I let go and smile at the boys.

"I'm gonna get some fresh air." I say.

I grab my bag, throw it over my shoulder and climb out the entrance. I walk out of the alley ways and into Wal-Mart. I buy a blouse that has puffy sleeves, some black and maroon leather pants, black knee high leather boots, a red leather vest, some silver bracelets, and a maroon bandana. I went to the changing rooms and put everything on quickly. I looked in the mirror and took down my hair. i giggled at my reflection. I kind looked like a pirate.

I ran back to the underground.

"Hey guys!"

They all stop and stare at me.

"What?" I ask. "Does it look bad?"

"NO!" they all shout.

"You look great, the pirate look suits you." Liam says.

"Thanks." I say, smiling at him. "And I got you guys some stuff to."

"Really?" they ask again in unison.

I throw them the bags. They look inside them and go to change. My eyes widen when they walk out. We look amazing! Like real pirates.

"Guys, I think I have discovered something amazing." I say, still staring.

"Yeah, now I wish we were in Neverland." Jacob says.

"What's Neverland?" I ask.

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