Dreams turned to Nightmares (Jercy)

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Italics are Percy's dreams and the normal is, well, normal life


Jason lied in bed, covers drawn around him. He had declared after a pigeon on the street attacked him, say no to the outside world forever.

"Shame," Percy remarked. "Now the pigeons won't be able to continue their plans and shit on you next time."

"Fuck off," the blonde replied. Percy laughed and wandered out to the living room where his two other boyfriends were cuddling and watching a movie. What one, Percy could care less about but he wanted in on the cuddles.

"Make room boys," he said and almost immediately, Leo shushed him.

"Pride and Prejudice is film that should be watched and enjoyed quietly, Perseus," Leo snapped.

"I got you," he said. "But make room either way. I want to cuddle with you guys."

"Fine," Nico huffed. "I need someone else here. This movie is boring. I love Keira Knightly, but come on." Percy smiled and laid right down.

A few minutes later, Jason entered the room in new clothes and keys in hand. "I need to go to the store for something. Anyone want to join?" There was a loud shhhhh-ing sound as all three boys had now become quite interested in the movie. "Suit yourselves."


"Is this Mr. Percy Jackson?"

"It is," he replied groggily. "What's this about?"

"You mean you haven't heard?" The woman on the other line asked, her tone having more dread in it than before.

"Heard what?" He asked. He sat up, causing the other two to stir.

"It's about your boyfriend, Jason Grace?" she said slowly.

"How?" Percy asked. "Jason hasn't left the house in hours." Leo and Nico looked at each other, confusion written on both their faces.

"Uh, sir, he has," the woman replied slowly. "That's why I'm calling. Mr. Grace was in an accident on the way home. Paramedics tried everything they could when they reached the-" The phone slipped from Percy's hand.

"Percy?" Nico asked as Leo picked up his phone. His face soon turned pale white and his eyes filled with tears.

"Thank you," he said, hanging up. "Jason... Jason is..."

"No," Percy said, getting up and heading for the bedroom. His eyes started to tear and his voice caught. "No, no, no, no, no, no..."

He rounded the corner and there was an empty bed; no Jason in sight.


Drenched in sweat, Percy sat up right in bed. He knew his subconscious was fucking with him, but he still worried. "Jason?" he whimpered like a lost puppy. "Jason, where are you?"

Jason came in from the hall, concerned when he heard his boyfriend. "Everything okay babe?"

Percy's eyes welled up and he made grabby hands like a child. "I need you to hold me. Please?"

"Of course, baby." Jason walked over and wrapped his long arms around his boyfriend. "You okay?"

Percy nuzzled his head into Jason's chest, relaxing finally. "Yeah. Just perfect."

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