Chapter Three

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"I'm sorry to bother you, sir. I just need a little help going to St John's University?" I looked back and in front of me was a woman in her mid-20's.

"At this hour? It was almost 10pm." I told her. Even too late for night classes.

"No, no. School starts tomorrow and I'm trying to find a shortcut going to St John's. Any... uh... idea?"

I did not answer. I just stared at her. I listened to her heart beat a little fast. Maybe because she ran trying to catch me. I was trying to assess her and made sure she was just one of the local citizens in New York and not one of the agents Muirfield could send for me. She was what, 25, 26-ish?

The young woman noticed the silence between us and looked down with a disappointed smile. "I'm sorry again to approach you just like that. I'm staying at my friend's apartment and will be moving out tomorrow for St John's and I don't want to be late so... but thank y- "

I cut her out. "I'm not that sure though but I think you can take F Train at 169th Street station then take either Q-30 or Q31 bus going to the university."

She looked up with a pretty smile. "That's a big help already. Thank you so much, sir."

I smiled back at her. "Hey! I'm not that old to be called a "Sir"."

Her eyes grew bigger. "Oh no, no, si- I mean... It's just that you are walking with your head down but you seem to know where to turn every time so I assumed you know the neighborhood. "

Really, now. "Have you been following me?" I asked her.

"Of course not! It's just... you're the first person I noticed... So, 169th Street station it is. Thank you again. Um, I'll go ahead. Have a good night." She walked away and I continued my night stroll.


"Where have you been, big guy?" I gave JT a "nowhere" look.

"Seriously. Where do you usually go? Wa… Wait. Are you checking out your family in Astoria? V… I thought we've talked about it?" The always worried JT.

"Yes, we did and I have not forgotten. Don't worry, man. I was just taking my night stroll, okay? Night, bud. Thanks for everything."

Another day had ended.


Fire. Explosions. Gun shots. Blood on my hands. I did not know how or where nor from whom it came from. Women and children screaming. Smoky, burning atmosphere. Something caught my attention or someone. A woman wearing a burka/burqa crying. Green eyes…

Then I was shifted to a black, hazy night in the woods. I could hear a heartbeat racing. Two or maybe three people. A woman running. Two armed men chasing her. I could sense danger. One man aimed to shoot her. I felt the adrenaline kicked in to save her and instinct ruled me to kill those men. I saw her lying on the ground. Her forehead was bleeding. Green eyes... I recognized her. Catherine.

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