Chapter 2: Lunch

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** Lunch **

I walk over to Reagan and Nichole's lunch table where they have already started a conversation.

"Oh great your here!" Reagan said standing up, to come sit me down.

"Hey guys."

Nichole grabbed my other arm. "We were thinking that we should go out for lunch today! You trying to drive?"

"Uh, yeah! Of course" I looked around at our table "Is this all that's going?" I chuckled.

"Ya know we can invite your boyfriend." Nichole said nudging me in the arm, I nudged her back signaling to not say that, because Reagan would usually freak out over th-

"BOYFRIEND!?!??!" Reagan screamed.

Everyone around us looked at our table and giggled.

I felt my face got hot, that was really embarrassing, I punched Reagan in the arm.

"Reagan, I don't have a boyfriend!"

"Then what is Bryan?" Nichole whispered

"Who's Bryan!?" Reagan screamed again, and right when I was about to answer her question..

"I'm Bryan."

I turned around to see Bryan looking down and smiling at me with his perfect white teeth that I can just go blind from. Reagan was silent for a good minute, and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"That's Bryan?" She sounded kind of suprised as if she couldn't think someone like that would talk to me. I gave her a glazed look and shook my head with a chuckle.

"Yes, this is Bryan. Bryan this is my other best friend, Reagan."

Reagan shot out her hand like a bullet for him to shake it. He shook her hand, and looked at me.

"So, Brittany, you want to do something for lunch? Like go out.... To eat?"

I didn't actually look at Reagan and Nichole but I know they're staring me down waiting for me to say yes. Normally I would say yes, but I just love to piss them off, so I said:

"Sorry, but I already agreed to have lunch with just my friends" I looked over to Nichole and her jaw was dropped, and Regan slammed her head on the table. Bryan looked at both of them, and then at me. He did a soft laugh.

"Alright, we gotta chill after school though. I'd love to hangout with you more. See you later, I guess." He walked back over to his table, as he was walking, he looked over his shoulder at me, his eyes looked hopeless. Did he try to accomplish something by asking me out? Fuck. Now I feel like a jerk. All of a sudden both of Nichole's hands grabbed on to both of my shoulders and I was being shaked..


"WhAt DiD yOu WaNt Me ToO sAaAaY!?" She finally stopped shaking me, I was really dizzy. She gave me a scowling look.

"WE WANTED YOU TO SAY YES." Reagan screamed.

"Why do you keep screaming? God, be quiet." I said, as you can tell I'm VERY annoyed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but you like, never get asked out. But when you do, you shoot the poor guy down and act like it's nothing! He was hitting on you, take the chance. This summer, is going to be the most boring one if you don't take chances, please Brit! At least invite him to hangout with us after school?" Reagan said squeezing my hand.

"Yeah! That's a great idea!" Nichole screamed "Invite him to the water park! He'll get to see you in a bikini" she shot me a wink then looked back at him, he was already looking over here.

"Look Nichole, he has friends with him! Let's invite them too. Ya know, for you and I." Reagan nudged Nichole

"Brit! Go invite them! Please Please PLEASE..." Nichole started repeating, and Regan joined in


"ALRIGHT." I stood up, and walked over to the guys table. There was Bryan, a dirty-blonde handsome boy with bright blue eyes, wearing a black sweat shirt and jeans, and a sort of tannish guy with black hair, he looked like a type of islander. Oh god I''m staring, I should probably sit down. I quickly sat down, both of the unfamiliar guys looked at Bryan and smiled then back at me.

"H-Hey, I'm Brittany." Damn, I sound like an idiot.

Bryan smiled "Hey Brittany, these are my best friends," he pointed to the islander looking one " This is Kainoa, he came here about 2 months ago from Maui."

"I knew he was an islander!" Oh my gosh, I said that outloud. My cheeks got hot again.

"Hahah, yes I am. And you're the girl who fell in the hallway and shouted 'Fuck!" He shook my hand.

"Oh.. Yeah.. Ahah.." I slouched in my chair.

"And this is Dylan," He pointed over the the dirty blonde. "He was also captian of the guys soccer team this year."

"Well that's cool! My friend Reagan was on the soccer team." I pointed over to my table, I guess Reagan and Nichole saw, because they waved.

"Is Reagan the one with the dreads?" Bryan said staring at their table.

"Uh, yes she is." I said hoping that he would like that about her.

"That's so cute.." He was drifting off a little "Uh, I mean cool! That's really chill."

Everyone at this table was giggling. I motion to Reagan and Nichole to come over to the table. Both of them sit on my oppisite sides, and we all introduce each other, and talk about after school until the bell rings.

"Hey, Nichole can I walk you to class?" Kainoa's face turned kind of red, it was cute.

"Ahah, yes you can." They started walking to their next class. Bryan walks over to me

"Looks like we made a match!" We both look at Nichole and Dylan, they were playing with a soccer ball in the lunch room!

"And theres another." I giggled out. Then Bryan and I started walking to our classes. And talked a little more. Wow, we do have a lot in common, and he's really cute. Should I give him a chance? I guess I've just been really scared to take chances. Is this one worth taking? I look up at Bryan because I'm freaking 5'6 and he's 6'1.


I'll take this chance.

I kissed his cheek.

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