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Have you ever felt so out of place in your life before? Feeling like everyone's were eyes on you, whispering their judgements.

Well, I couldn't blame them. I was, after all, really different. I really don't know if I was really the last one of my kind. Here I am, walking through these seemingly long hallways of my new school, feeling rejected already.

But then again, I was used to it. No one accepted me except my foster parents which were werewolves too but not like me.

A lot of us have our own deepest and darkest secrets, don't we? I really do hope no one finds out mine. Being an Alternative.

Also, what I heard from my parent's stories is that my kind cannot and will never have mates. Right now, I was only about to sit on my chair in class when the next thing I know, someone claimed me as one; his mate.

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