Killer in a pool (tina)

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Welcome to my house, with two crazy girls and a loving husband.

Today I'm meeting with, amber and Eva , something about Maria. Im not to happy of Maria she sold stories of my Famliy to the news and for 2 mouths that was the cover of magazines.

"Hey girls " amber said while me and. Eva walked up to the table. " so whats up?" Eva asked. " Well Maria is a big promblem, she said shes gonna put my dark secret in a magazine" amber told us. "why would you tell Maria " i said laughing. " i was 17 and that was before i moved here. " Amber said. " well we all know that Maria never changes her mind " Eva said. " she's going to your pool party" amber told me. "no" i screamed. " We can step her up" Eva planned.

After all the planning... we where gonna do some thing bad.

The plan is for amber to lie about the date. then when she comes we push her in the pool and then throw stuff on her .

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