In Which I Find All the Reasons Why He Sucks. And Create a Blog

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In Which I Find All the Reasons Why He Sucks. And Create a Blog

Somebody knocked on my door, disturbing the string of evil thoughts, plotting my revenge on Phillip and Amanda.

"Come in!" My train of ideas was already broken, so there was no reason for me not to see who was disturbing me. Even though I had a pretty good idea.

"Sapphire, you all good?" Sylvia peeked into my room. Only couple of minutes had passed since I had been in a huge fight over a coffee with her, but I was never a vengful type. That is until Amanda and Phillip decided to cross my way.

"Phillip is getting married."

"Oohh..." She sat down next to me and pulled me in a tight hug.

"With Amanda."

Sylvia jerked up, almost falling off the bed in the process.

"You've got to be kidding me! Amanda? Like your Amanda, Amanda?" The bewilderment in her eyes was transparent. She was in even bigger shock than I was when I found out.

"Yep, my Amanda. But now that she's marrying Phillip, she won't be mine anymore. But truth be told she stopped being mine the moment she stole him away from me."

Even though I had a brilliant plan of how I will have my revenge and make them pay for crossing me and ruining my plans, it stung to know someone who I thought was close to me could betray me like that.

"Shut up! Phillip cheated on you with Amanda? I knew I didn't like him for a reason!" Sylvia's eyes grew bigger by the second. She was a trusting and open person. She didn't believe in keeping secrets. To her it made no sense, saying 'Truth always come to light.'

"Please Sylvie, you loved the guy. He always brought you red velvet cupcakes and put the toilet seat down." I smiled at the memory of us watching House Md. reruns on TV while eating the cupcakes Phillip brought to Sylvia. That thought lead me to night we spend together after Sylvia went to bed. One particular memory that made me miss Phillip and blush at the same time.

For Gryfindor's sake girl! Get yourself together. He's getting married to your best friend since birth, you can't fantasize about his amazing bed skills. But only if you admit  to yourself that the thing he did was extraordinary.

Thanks to Sylvia, I didn't got lost in my mind, because she made me snap right back into Phillip-less reality.

"I knew he was too good to be true. No decent guy puts toilet seat down!" She nudged me and I couldn't help, but to smile. "So what are you going to do? Will you go to the wedding?"

"Oh, yeah, I'll go. There will be an open bar." I answered her and at the same time thought to myself, 'The things I can do with the alcohol there. Oh, so many beautiful ways to ruin the wedding.'

"O. o. I know the look on your face."

Once again, Sophie was reading me, but I wasn't quite ready to admit she knows me this well.

"What look?"

"Don't play dumb, you know which look. The I-will-have-my-sweet-revenge-and-ruin-this-wedding-while-sipping-your-expensive-chamapgne look."

"No, it's more of a I-will-have-my-sweet-revenge-and-ruin-this-wedding-and-your-excuse-of-a-relationship-while-drinking-bottles-of-your-expensive-champgne look."

A victorious look came on her face, and I just mischievously smiled at her.

"I knew it! You do want vengeance!"

I nodded and got up from bed.

"Wait, did you say bottles?"

I nodded again and picked Jessie up and carried her back to bed. That is my laptop, not a person or an animal.

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