Sky's P.O.V

i woke up with somebody shaking me.

"sky sky wake up"I heard Bri said.

i opened my eyes and saw the girls plus Denise and the mothers.i mean all of the mothers standing near my bed.

"WHAT?"i growled

"we want to put a prank on the boys"Denise explained.i almost forgot that last night the mothers came here.

i turned to Bri and saw her hair in a different was baby blue.

It was tied in a bun with a big white bow.

she was wearing white shorts,silver sandals with a top which was white and baby was girly and lazy.

"is it my eyes or you dyed your hair again?"i asked her. she chuckled

"yup i did it again now get up before the boys wake up-"i nodded

then she grabbed Theo's hand.please don't tell me that she's expecting him to walk!

"-now let's go The- oh wait you can't walk yet sorry"she said holding Theo.

we went to a cafeteria to buy some was 5:30 am so no paps

we sat there to talk

"okay so Sky what's the plan?"Bett asked.

"what plan?i just woke up like 15 minutes ago and now you're expecting me to make a plan in this time?"i asked shocked.

"okay so think now that you have time"Bri said.

"okay Bri go with Denise and buy some chocolate plus strawberry cream and the other tastes of cream"i knew my plan

"Paula go buy some of those glitters that we use for birthday with some glue"she nodded

"Betty you will go and buya box full of toothpaste plus those Artificial snow"

"and Tani go buy chocolate as much as you can"

"and the mothers go please make sure that the boys are not gonna wake up"i continued

"okay"they all said and went.





*After an hour

The mothers and the girls were at our place but Bri and Denise weren't here yet

we wait for them for about 5 minutes then i saw Bri and Denise running to us.

"Hey"they said breathing heavily.

"Hey where were you?"i asked

"sorry some fans and stuff"Bri explained.

"okay so here is the plan We go into the boys' house-"Bri cut me off

"hold on.there are 10 boys in one house and 4 in the other"

"Wait what do you mean 10?Isn't Josh in your room?"Paula asked her

"no he just stayed 'til i fell asleep"

"okay so each mom should go into her own son's room and Denise will go for Greg then Bri,Bett,Paula,Tani will work on Union j.okay so now Guys you should go and make the biggest mess ever but do not use the snow and the toothpaste yet,okay?"they all nodded.

"but Josh is in Niall's room,George is in Harry's,Jaymi is in Louis's and JJ is in Liam's."bri said confused

"okay so go with the mothers i dont know just go"

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