chapter 15 - Friday

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mitchs pov bam bitches

ty and marisa I think her name is were cleaning up hopes room when they found a note a suicide note that was in hope hand writing they both texted harmony straight away then ty told amie and amie phoned amie I picked up bits of the conversation well im sad I cant help since me and ty are going to arizona to get jocelyn (#jocelox ♥) while amie was going back to Scotland here home to see robert (#cakecobraz ♡) and marisa was staying to help which was useful I havent talked to her so I guess i should.

"hey, im mitch last time I checked"she giggled at my cocky joke

"hey, im marisa call me may though"she put out a hand to shake so I shook

"oh, thats a nice name wanna go get lunch!"I asked her

"sorry but going out with my boyfriend"really the bad asses have to have boyfriends!

"well, ok by im gonna go see ashley!"I said

"#mashley"she screamed at me

Mays pov and soz but I like her name! its faboulse

ugh mitch the bajanfuckface he is such a perv he should just leave me alone I swear he watches me ugh im gonna go see connar

Faith pov

I went to go see Tommy my boyfriend nobody knows about him but we love each other.

"hey, babe"he said to me

"hey, tommy bae"i replied

"hope is planning to end her life on sunday I dont know what to do!"I cried into his shoulder

"save her, id help but she doesn't know me"he replied back

"yeah, thanks bae"

unknown pov

I was reading life of a dero man its good, id give it a Grammy if I coud but that silence is my loudest cry has 103 views wow she good I heard it was amie from bish craft no wonder she is the only girl in the highest literacy class! but is still love life of a derp maybe if she UPDATED more she would have more views long book intrest people like the fact amie done 10 CHAPTERS in one night well I guess I should goto a meet up yeP im going to a meet up today definitely!

Mays pov

I was at todays meet up then a young looking girl came up to me and said "Marisa S*****y I love life of a derp :3" she made a derpy looking face at me and I said "well thank you whats your name?"  I asked the young girl

"Taylor christie!"she replied the voice in my head reffrence my old book "im just a ordinary,girl needing friends who goes on wattpad and reads your books and your talking to me?"she said confused

"Hey,you have the same name as the girl in Amie's  deleted book bish said trying to change the subject

"um yea I get  asked a lot if I am Tylers  sis "she giggled "well I gotta go now bye I said

"bye marisa she quickly replied.

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