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It happened so quickly I responded, and I kissed him back, with just as much earnest if not more. I lifted my hands and rested them on Spencers face, he rested his hands on my hips and kind of lifted me so he didn’t cramp his neck. He was much taller than me but I was a small person compared to people my age. I don’t think anyone of us knew what we were doing till we both gasped for air and looked at each other.

“Whoa, never thought a girl would do that?” said Spencer.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I question.

“Well, usually I’m first to kiss the girl, not the girl kiss me?”

“Um, how many girls have you kissed then?” I ask.

“3 I think?”

“3, REALLY?” I yell.

“I was in junior High, what do you expect?”

“JUNIOR HIGH?” I yell again. He hasn’t been kissed since Junior High. Sod it!!

 “Why, how many people have you kissed?”

“Seriously, I don’t keep count” I reply.

We don’t talk for a few seconds, I don’t know, maybe it was minutes, it was only till I look at his lips one more time. (DAMN YOU GRACE!).

He approaches me and I nod knowing that he knows I am looking at his lips. He pulls me up onto his feet before he lightly kisses me. His lips are smooth and our bodies are a nearly perfect fit, except for my size, I’m way too small. After a while I make the kiss more intense which I slide my tongue in his mouth and explore it. He does the same, and wow was this getting hot and heavy. I bit down on his lower lip and a groan escapes from my mouth.

“Spencer?” someone calls out. We split apart and look to see a girl, with dark eyes and pixie cut brown hair, she looks at us with wide eyes and I turn around embarrassed. I am looking at the tree and hoping that they didn’t see my face. I turn my head to see Spencer look nervous.

“Aria?” Spencer says. (SO THAT’s HER NAME).

“Oh My God, Did I just see what I saw?” she says putting a hand over her eyes and looking for what seems like Spencer through her hand.

“Um, Grace, uh, holy shit”

“Who’s Grace?” says ‘Aria’.

“That would be me”, I say turning around and looking at her face to face, Spencer standing next to me.

“Seriously, it’s not what it looks like” says Spencer.

“No” I say pausing, “It’s definitely what it looks like” defending Spencer.

“Oh, um, nice to meet you?” says Aria. “Well, I’ll catch you later Spencer” she says slowly, while watching me the whole time. And she runs off.

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