MGIAGF: Going to the Temple

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Chapter 1

"This is the painting of a goddess and a golden fox. The fox was actually a human. But the goddess turned her into a golden fox." The old male guide, merely fifty to sixty years of age explained, pointing to the big painting in a temple.

The tourists gasped in amusement. "Really? Why did the goddess turn her into a fox?" A woman asked.

"Because the fox's beauty causes delay on their works- especially,on men. The fox didn't mean to be the center of attraction, she just wanted to wander. When the fox will pass by, men will usually stop for work to admire her beauty. That's also the reason why the wives of those men got jealous.

So the wives asked some help from the goddess. And the goddess granted their wish and she then turned her into a golden fox and she locked her up in this painting. After that, everything came back to normal. The fox indeed was a beautiful young lady.

She had long golden hair that reached her waist a pair of beautiful green emerald eyes, and rosy pink lips. But she's still beautiful being a fox tho." The old guide explained, looking at the painting then glancing on the tourists.

The tourists listened to the old man with awe. "Did the fox had any lovers?" A man asked.

"The fox? Yes. She had. A lot. But there's only one lad that she loved. That lad promised that he will marry her someday. But, he broke his promise. And that made the fox terribly sad."

"Anyways, come this way. I'll just prepare some food for you." The old man offered and led them to another room.

On the other hand, a mysterious creature was listening to them earlier.


"We'll go to a-- what?!" Jack exclaimed, shocked at what his friend said.

"I said, out teacher said we'll go to a temple to get an inspiration for a new song." Once-ler, Jack's friend repeated what he said earlier with a bored look.

Jack, along with his friends; Once-ler and Merida, were studying in the same singing school. Though, they're also studying on a regular school.

"But, why there? Why not anywhere else?" Jack asked, confused.

Once-ler was about to speak, when a redhead named Merida spoke.

"And why not? Do ya got a problem?" She asked with her strong Scottish accent. Jack rolled his eyes. Once-ler just chuckled.

"And besides, Mavis will be there." Once-ler teased, nudging Jack with his elbow.

"Really?!" He exclaimed. Once-ler laughed. Jack cleared his throat. "I mean, really?" He repeated, his tone lower. Once-ler just gave him a smile and nodded.

"Hey ya two lovebirds! Teacher's calling us!" Merida interrupted.

The two looked at her and soon followed.

Okay, just so you know, Jack's courting Mavis and up to now, she's still not answering him. Not a no, not a yes.

"Our trip to the temple was moved today! Bring some food and water because we'll leave in just a few minutes." Their male teacher said, and just like that. He left.

The students were shocked. Others were happy and excited. Others groaned. But most of all, including Jack and Once-ler, their jaw dropped. For Merida? Er.. she's one of those happy and excited.

"Did you hear that guys?! We're going to the temple! NOW!" Merida said happily, while jumping on her little feet.

"Yeah. We heard it." Jack said, bored. "Come on, let's buy some food." Once-ler said, and the two followed.

After they bought and after a few moments, it's time for them to board on the bus.

Once-ler and Jack were sitting beside each other while Merida's sitting alone with her earphones.

"Ugh. Why do we need to go to a temple to get an inspiration for a new song?! I could write a song in just a minute!" Jack complained, leaning on the window and looked at the road.

Once-ler laughed. "Because that's what our teacher wants. And ain't it nice? We'll have an opportunity to relax and unwind in a temple." He replied.

"But we'll just stay there in a day. It's not like we're gonna sleep there overnight." Jack said, rolling his eyes.

Once-ler just laughed and leaned his head backwards. "Just wake me up if we're already there."

"Yeah. Yeah. Sure." Jack said sarcastically.

Once-ler just smiled and shook his head and drifted to his sleep.


Jack groaned and laughed at Once-ler who's sleeping - and snoring. Then the bus stopped, indicating that they finally arrived.

"Once-ler. Wake up, sleepyhead! Once-ler!" Jack said, shaking his friend's shoulder lightly.

He stirred and woke up. He yawned and looked around. "Are we already there?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Jack said, with a bored look and stood up. "Come on, slowpoke."

"Hey! I'm not a slowpoke!" Once-ler protested and quickly stood up.

"Wait, where's Mer?" He asked, looking around.

"Looks like someone's missing her." Jack teased.

Once-ler's cheeks darkened. "W-what?! No! It's just that.. we're only friends!"

Jack chuckled and left the bus. Once-ler followed him. Then they saw Merida standing outside. "Hey! I'm waiting for you two!" She said, irritated.

The two boys just shook their heads and they all went inside the temple.



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