Chapter 72_

"Where's Zayn?" I asked Camille later that day. "These papers were just faxed in and he needs to sign them," I explained to her, waving the three white sheets lightly. I had looked in his office and around as well as checking my schedule to see if he maybe had a meeting somewhere but he was no where to be found and he didn't answer when I called him.

Camille looked up at me, and for the first time I noticed little wrinkles that had settled around her eyes and around her lips. 

"He left while you were at lunch," she replied. 

"Why? Do you know where he went?" I questioned her. Zayn had priorities today just like any other and since he's been here he's never really skipped out on anything unless he had a reason... A reason which he usually let someone know.

"No Miss Soderstrom," Camille said, shaking her head. Earlier her lips were striking in a bold red lipstick, but as the day went by it faded a bit with every hour. It was around 3:00 in the afternoon and her lips were now a muted shade of a tinted rose. 

I stood there, ignoring the demanding papers in my hand and racked my brain for a logical explanation for Zayn's absence. 

"Thank you... Let me know if you hear anything," I smiled politely and Camille nodded in return.

When I got back to my desk I had decided that something was obviously wrong. Maybe it wasn't a big deal, whatever the reason was, but Zayn was still gone and with no explanation or clue as to where he could be. 

I looked at my agenda for the day and realized that besides these papers that needed signing, I had nothing else that had to be done right away so I quickly slipped the papers into the proper bin that was specially marked for times like this, and then clicked into my computer system.

I looked around the screen, searching for icon that would let me into the phone services of our floor. More specifically, Zayn's. 

For other scenarios, including legal related ones, all calls were linked to our computer so we could track things with ease and could review caller ID's and things like that. 

Usually the head assistant (which would be Aimee) has access to all the phone records, but thanks to me being her assistant, I now am also granted the luxury of reviewing the calling records. 

I clicked around until I found the line linking to Zayn's office. 

This was a long shot, but I had nothing else to go on. I guess if Zayn did receive a phone call they could have contacted him on his mobile phone, but I quickly erased that thought since almost everyone contacted each other via landlines. If someone had Zayn's phone number they must have been pretty dang important because as far as I know, the only people Zayn speaks to is Camille, Aimee, myself, Louis, and maybe a select others. 

Harry and Niall aren't even contacted through his cell phone, usually I am the one to call them on mine or someone uses a landline. 

I sat and slowly began to sift through his phone records. Camille mentioned that it was during my lunch break which was about 12:40-2:00 so I needed to look for those times. 

I rattled off the random, non familiar numbers and names that were set on a list. 

But then I came across one that fit the bill exactly; he had received a call from Aimee. 

This confirmed my suspicions on something being off. Why would he leave after a call from Aimee? 

I suddenly remembered him telling me that Aimee needed to speak to him and that she would call him back. I guess she finally did. 

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