Childhood Friend

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Everyone in the room looked up at me. They soon realised that was not the Airi they were thinking of so they went back to eating. I look around to see who called my name. I can’t believe my eyes. It was my childhood friend Mina Nakoho! She was a year older than me and was wearing the café’s work clothes also. I started to walk over as I did she spoke to me I took a seat and listened.

“It’s been a while. Did you change your hair!? Wait that’s your cosplay stuff! Mina asked me with a stunned face. She then changed to a whisper. “Where you found?”

I trusted her more than anyone so I decided to tell her. After I told her she remand silent for a little while then she spoke.

“If you ever need help or a cover-up call me, or if you want to start cosplaying with me again. Ha-ha.”

She handed me a card with her number on it, 0419 768 121.

“Thanks, so what have you been doing the last 2 years without me? Ha-ha.” I asked.

“Well it’s been fun, I’ve joined Kendo and got a job here, oh and… umm…you know how you used to believe in magic?  Do… do you still believe in magic?”

“Omg! You’re the same as me! You have powers like me! Listen I know we have the same job but it would be nice to have at my school, it teaches magic to!” I replied with happiness.

“That would be awesome, I was wondering can I-“

She was cut off by our boss.

“Sorry to interrupt but we are running low on staff and I know your shift doesn’t start for 15mins but I was hoping if one you could start now?” our boss looked tired.

“How about you go home and rest and both of us help.” I suggested.

“You would do that for me! Thankyou girls! I will remember this in the future.” And with that he was off.

Mina and I got up and pushed in our chairs. Then got straight to work. After our shift was over we locked up and went to the train station together.

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