Everything went rather smooth with Alana. She's understanding, sometimes to a fault. I told her I didn't want to discuss my day because classes were off to a bad start. She gave me sweet words of encouragement and held me 'til i fell asleep on her soft stomach. The next morning I woke up to breakfast and note saying that she had to attend a trial today as part of her class. I also got a text from Marco saying that me and the girls needed to be in Puerto Rico tomorrow. I wasn't sure how to take it. I knew it must've been to meet the infamous Jorge. If I were doing business with people I'd never met but doubled an order, I'd want to meet them too. So I booked a flight and packed my bag. Again, I had to lie to Alana. But it's best that she doesn't know. I don't want her mixed up in any of this bullshit. I texted her, telling her I had a family emergency in Atlanta and that I'd be gone for two days. I made sure to take the ring with me. I don't want her to find it and spoil the surprise.

I sent a group text, telling the girls to meet me at the airport. Our flight was in a few hours and whatever they had going needed to be cancelled now so they were on that plane to Puerto Rico. It was going to be awkward. I just broke things off with Tiny last night and I'm sure she's going to act as if nothing happened or act all bitter and shit. Either way, we all have to be there. Pooh arrived first. Mila was there to drop her off. I can't lie, Pooh has a pretty amazing girl. Mila was the one who put us on to Marco and Jorge. Marco is her cousin or something like that. I'm glad to have Pooh with me, Mila taught her how to speak spanish, so I know nothing will be lost in translation. That's the last thing we need. Hopefully, these niggas speak english though.

"I did it, Pooh. I broke it off with Tiny."

"Damn. How'd that go for you", she said with a look of concern.

"I don't know. I guess we'll see when she gets here. The timing of this meeting is fucked up if you ask me."

"True, but Mila says its custom to have like a face to face meeting with people you doing business with. Breaking bread or something like that. The man has to make sure we can truly be trusted," she said as she pointed to the right of me signaling to approach of the other three girls.

All three of the girls arrived together. All looked so bad. Something like Charlie's Angels. Naja had curly blonde hair, Phara had straight long black hair with chinese bangs, and Tiny had her signature fire-red hair pulled back into a ponytail. We all wore black. An hour of sitting and we finally boarded the plane. First class seats. I got our seats in close proximity so we could discuss how we are to act when we meet Jorge. Pooh sat next to me and the girls sat across from us.

"Alright, here's how shit going to go. Marco is going to pick us up. You three say nothing and I do mean NOTHING. Marco may be sweet but that man will kill you without batting his pretty lil' eyelashes. You're the worker bees and workers bees only speak when spoken to. Be ladies, have some class and dignity about yourselves. Thats why we picked you", said Pooh sternly.

As I said, I'm the quiet type. I very seldom do a lot of talking. I let my actions speak for me. But Pooh, she's always been great with words so she took the reigns on the pep talk. I looked out the window as she continued and from the corner of my eye I could see Tiny looking at me.

"Tiny, none of that lovers quarrel bullshit..."

I turned my head toward them.

"...This is not the place nor the time for that; leave that shit in Chicago. Business is business. Phara and Naja, none of that gossiping shit y'all like to do. We're on our way to meet Jorge, our supplier. He's in the Puerto Rican mob, with that being said, don't get on his bad side or thats all of our asses. But other than that, be genuine, be smart, and respectful", Pooh said looking over to me for back-up.

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