Mysteries are upon us

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She storms into the room furious holding her tea in her hand.

 “Who must be doing this? Who is killing all these innocent teenage boys?”

  She runs her hand through her cherry red hair as she looks through the papers. She tries to look for a pattern.

  “There has to be some kind of pattern! Some kind of trace, same kind of people, ugh!” She’s stressed out as she lies back on her chair as she drinks her hot tea.

  Her husband Joseph comes into the kitchen seeing his wife stressed out with papers spread across the table.

   “Sarah its 2 am, come to bed. You can do this in the morning, you haven’t got much sleep lately this is bad for your health darling.” Joseph says walking towards his wife as he places his arms around her neck softly kisses her cheek.

   “I need to figure out the pattern. It’s scaring me! What if James is next? What if the killer goes after our son?” Her voice is panicked worrying about her 16 year old son.

 Jessica wakes up pulling her blanket from behind her. She’s half-awake as her long dark brown hair is pulled into a ponytail. Joseph takes his arms off Sarah’s neck and sits to the chair next to her. Jessica yawns softly rubbing her right eye.

   “Honey what are you doing up so late?” Sarah asks looking through the picture of the young teenage boys looking for any marks they had.

  “James is sleep talking again, so I got up to get a drink of water.” Jessica says sleepily.

  Jessica looks through the fridge and gets on her tip toes as she grabs a bottle of water. She unscrews the lid and drinks the cold fresh water. She walks back down the hallway holding the bottle and her blanket pulling it from behind her. She walks back into James and her room. Joseph looks through the picture of the young teenage boys trying to help Sarah look for some kind of pattern.

 “Baby, you can figure this out in the morning. You’re going to stress yourself out. Just come to bed.” Joseph says as he places his hand on her lower arm.

 “I just came home from work, give me 10 minutes I can figure this out.” Sarah says searching through the papers.

 Joseph nods his head and kisses her forehead. Sarah looks through the images of the boys and she notices.

 “They all got killed by the same scissors! They oh…” Sarah is looking through the files of the boys seeing how they all died.

  She gags holding her hand over her mouth trying not to puke as tears run down her cheeks. She looks away from the files staring at the ground as her hands go to her knees. Joseph looks concerned as he rubs Sarah’s back as she looks pale and sick. He wonders what the files said, but Sarah does have strongish stomach to take in such information so he will pass.

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