Crazed fan on the first night

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Jades POV

Today was the day. The day we go to Egypt. I am all packed and ready to go with my bags down stairs. I wrote to Mione and Harry yesterday and told them about it and we're going to stay at the leaky could den when we come back until school starts. Hermione says she'll be there too so yay.

We all stood in the living room ready to go.

"Right we are going to travel by floo powder so Bill first,then Arthur, then kids and I'll go last" Molly said. Bill strolled into the fire place with his bags and threw the powder down shouting Bill Weasley's house in the process. With a flash of green flames he was gone. The same thing happened again and again until it was my turn. I stood in the fireplace with Freddie on my left, flame on my shoulder and my bags on my right.

"Bill Weasley's house" I shouted throwing the floo powder down before I was engulfed in the green flames. I felt the weird feeling of floo powder before I stumbled into Bills living room. Wow nice house I've never been here before. Soon Ginny and Molly came and we were finally on a much needed holiday.

"Right Charlie your room is 1st floor 1st door on your right Percy same to your left. Fred,George 1st floor 2nd door to your right and Ron 3rd door to your left 2nd floor. Ginny,Ellie 2nd floor 1st floor to your to your right" said Bill then he turned to me. "Jade look at this" he jumped up and pulled down a trap door! Oh my merlin!

"This is your room" he said as a rope ladder fell from the ceiling landing in front of me. I climbed up with Bill right behind me. As soon as I entered my room my mouth fell open. The walls were red with a gold border and the bed frame was gold with red covers. There was a brown Wooden wardrobe in one corner full of Summer Egyptian dresses and at the other end a load of training equipment.

"Do you like it then?" Bill asked.

"I love it" I breathed. " thank you" I ran at him and hugged my brother tightly. Then the others came up and saw my room. They loved it. When we had finished unpacking it was tea time so we ordered a pizza.

20 minutes later the doorbell rang so I got off the sofa and opened the door. There stood a man with a pizza crust.

"Ere you go" he said in a French accent offering me the crust.

"No where's my pizza" I asked slowly.

"Ere you go" said the French dude.

Ok I'm really hungry and this dude is just annoying me. I need food. Where is my pizza? If that dude ate it he's gonna die.

"Gimme my pizza before I hit you" I growled before Bill dragged me away and spoke to him. It turns out that was Bills friend max playing a prank and he did have our pizza. Yay PIZZA!!! Mmmm Hawaiian pizza ham and pineapple yummy!

"Yeah by the way don't get between my family and their food" Bill said.

"Yeah you get between me and my food somebody's gonna die" I said munching on my delicious pizza.

"Oh my merlin oh my merlin oh my merlin" max said staring at me. Oh great he's fan girling.

"What?" I asked.

"Y.....your Jade lupin" he stuttered.

"Yes" I said slowly.

"Oh yeah I forgot max is a huge fan" bill told me then turned to max." Max I told you she's my little sister"

"Yeah but.......but she's here" he said.

"Wow I wonder if this is how Harry feels" I chuckled.

"Harry as in Harry potter you know him right" max asked.

"Yeah I know him" I said sadly. Ellie who was sat next to me noticed this and put her arm around me glaring at max for making me sad. She knew I missed him so much and I'm worried about him I've heard about what his aunt and uncle do to him.

"Anywho" max said. "Please can I have your autograph?"

I looked at Bill he always gets me out of these things like once he locked a crazed fan in a wooden shed.

"No max she doesn't sign anything" Bill said.

"Oh ok" he said cheerfully.

This carried on for the rest of the night with me feeling slightly awkward with max staring at me. At 10 o clock Ginny went to bed and at half past bill turned to me.

"Time for bed squirt" he said.

"No" I said. Nothing will make me go to bed. Then bill leant over to me.

"If you go to bed now I'll take you in a tomb with mutant skeletons in" he whispered in my ear.

"K" I said jumping up and pulling down the trap door "night guys" I said climbing the ladder.

The first night a success

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