Good Times <3

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Authors note: Just a warning that this chapter gets a little bit racy!!! Also it's the first time I've written anything like this so if it sucks, I apologise in advance!!


Wow. My head hurts. Ugh. Damn that midori! I open my eyes and groan. Why why why do I let Angel talk me into these nights out? I get up and walk to the bathroom, feeling like I've done about ten rounds with Mike Tyson. I splash water onto my face and look into the mirror. I smile as I remember my kiss with Dean last night. It was then I noticed a strange noise coming from the lounge area... Sounds like.... snoring?

I walk through to the lounge and then giggle as I find Dean asleep on the sofa, snoring his head off. I run over and jump on him

Jessie: MORNING!!!

Dean: Oof!! What the.... *looks around blearily* Oh hey babe!! You could have just shaken me awake you know *laughs*

Jessie: I know, but that way was more fun!

Dean shakes his head at me and smiles. I jump up and walk away to the bathroom.

Jessie: Just going for a shower *waves*

Dean: Okay babe

I jump into the shower, close my eyes and let the warm water just wash over me. Damn it feels good. Suddenly I feel a pair of arms snake around my waist. Jesus!!

Jessie: Dean!!! What are you doing?

He replies by kissing and nipping my neck, his hands exploring, I try to hold back a moan, but it escapes before I can stop it

Dean: *whispers* You like this?

He carries on kissing, licking and sucking at my neck, I turn around to face him and he pushes me against the wall, his mouth claiming mine. I put my arms around his neck and he lifted me up, I wrap my legs around his waist and feel his length go inside me.

With the water cascading down on us, he starts to move, in and out, slowly picking up speed. I can feel my insides quickening and I feel myself detonating around him, he shudders and stills and we both slide down the wall and sit on the floor of the shower.

Dean nuzzles my hair with his nose and sighs.

Dean: Oh babe, that was amazing

I dont answer him. I'm feeling so elated by what just happened, I reply by kissing him softly


Sorry its so short!!

Update will be on Saturday as I am working for the next three days!!!

See y'all soon!!!

Much Loves

Litz <3


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