Chapter 1

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"Why should love be this painful? Does it all end like this? Or it seems like no one would like to stay with me for long." mumbled in Gabe's thoughts while his heart ached, his eyes came wobbly, his hands shakes and catches his breath. He wasn't aware that he was just walking-back and forth by a side walk. Gabe was always wondering what would be the answers to those question lingering in his thoughts. Gabriel Phillips, was known to be a happy-go-lucky guy, a friendly one, and a loyal man, but that night he was stucked in anger and pain. It was so unnatural to see him wondering off over the side walk on a late night, but he never stopped thinking. Suddenly, "Hey Gabe! What are you doing here? it's already late." his roomate came and asked, Gabe then fakes a smile then reasoned "I'm actually waiting for someone.", "Well you better hurry, remember we have curfew" his roomate replied, "Ok. Just go ahead, I'll come along in a few minutes". They both send their goodbyes, but Gabe was still in pain. In a few minutes, Gabe realized its only 5 minutes till the curfew, so he decided hurry back to his dormitory. When he arrived at his room, he sent smiles to his roomates then went immediately to his bunk.

As he lied down, he thought of some memories that he hoped it would return someday on his life time, then he closes his eyes to sleep. As he recall the memory, a tear fell into his eyes.

The memory was when Gabriel Phillips met this kind, lovely, pretty girl, Katelyn Brown. It all began when Gabe's roomates kept on murmuring about this girl. But Gabe didn't had such interest for she was currently dating with someone. But when Gabe and her girlfriend began to blur, communication was rare, time was a bit selfish, and everyhting could end up in any time. Gabe himself knew he wasn't that really inlove anymore to his girlfriend, due to her lacks and mischiefs. Since communication with each other was that rare, his days came to be boring. One night when he caught himself nothing to do and stare to his room. When his roomate came, he then talked about the girl which most of them talked about to, after their talk Gabe asked for the girl's number but his roomate wouldn't give him. It was a bit furstrating for Gabe that his roomate wouldn't give him the number due to the fear that Gabe might get the chance for having this girl. When the topic was passed and out of the scenery, Gabe came to borrow his roomate's phone for some excuses, but he was secretly getting the number of the girl. When he got the number he texted immediately "hello!". But a reply didn't exist, but a text message from her girlfriend came, so his time was already taken and the girl who she texted was out on his mind. It took weeks till the girl Gabe texted replied. It happened during the semestral break when the girl he texted replied, and also those time their communication with his girlfriend again. After he recieved the text message from the girl, he immediately tried to make their conversations long, that he had shared what he was feeling with his girlfriend on those times which was blur. It took weeks when they became good friends, they even treated themselves as siblings. They were both having such a great and happy time even though they are miles apart. She was actually giving what Gabe's girlfriend lacks. And it came to the point that Gabe didn't noticed he was already falling for her. Then Gabe and his girlfriend broke up for Gabe was already been left hanging in their relationship, and he also found out that his girlfriend was lying about a guy whom Gabe thought he was to be a friend. By that event, Gabe spends most of his time on Kate, and his unnoticed feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

Then Gabe waked up from the dream.

Gabe caught himself with a tear in his eyes, and his heart was aching in pain. Then he got his phone and sends up a message to Kate, "Good morning beautiful!". He always send this greeting every morning to her only, but as of that day, he sends without expecting a reply. He was still catching up to the reality from what painful thing happened to him last night. His day became silent, his thoughts was still about what he's in to. During class, he was just staring on an specific object and things was getting messy for him. He doesn't know what to do. When his classes was over, he felt he needed some advices from a friend. So he went to his friend's house.

When he arrived at his friend's house he wondered what good it will make. He felt negative about it, so he turned around and walk back. But his friend saw him by the window, then he rushed to the door and yelled "Gabe? What made you came? Come inside, let's talk", Gabe was about to deny the invitation but he thought he must. So he went inside, and faked a smile for his friend. Then they sat in the living room, Gabe doesn't know how to start their conversation, his eyes was staring on the floor, his eyes was watery and his hands was shaking a bit. "So, what is your problem then Gabe? You do look miserable in any angles. Please do tell me, you already know right? Come on" his friend started the conversation, Gabe then turned to him and said "You know all about me and Kate, right? David, I know this is unmanly like but shit, I couldn't accept what had happened to us." David smiled and went to his fridge, grabbed two bottles of beer and said "Yeah, Glad you know its unmanly but we've done that already, it was just last week. I thought you were over it, anyways lets talk about it, here have some to cool you down" then David gave Gabriel the drink. Then Gabe continued,

"I know Dave, it was hell of a week. Straight nights of getting drunk. I thought it was the solution, but it wasn't, none of it helped. "

,"so tell me then why you look so upset"

Gabe then drank the booz and said, "Ok, I forgot to tell you about the 1 week space Katelyn brought up that day when I told you we were over. She asked for space for 1 week, and after that 1 week she had to decide wether to continue on our relationship or to end it. Sadly, the negative came. And I couldn't bear what I am feeling right now. I am willing to take this manly which is just to move on with her but damn I couldn't. I always thought of maybe one day everything will come back and I would want my self still in love with her. Because if I won't, I would regret every single day of my future."

David then asked, "Ok. Let's be positive on this, can I ask how did your relationship ended? So that maybe we could think of something that would make her back to your relationship"

"Ok. It started when I surprised her at her dorm. During that night, I asked her for a date since we hardly see each other those times. So she agreed to be on that sunday. But then, she had this excuse that her mom was coming over on that sunday, since her parents still doesn't know we were in a relationship, that date was to be postponed. That made me really upset for I usually recieved such excuses which was why we haven't been seeing. With great depression, I told her I couldn't communicate during the weekend for I will be loosing load. Then that sunday evening. After I arrived at the dorm from our house, I went to a Net café to scan somethings on Facebook. Then the first post was what made me angry. The post was Katelyn had a great time with my roomates who where actually a good friends of her. Then anger got me bad, I called her up and scolded her, shouted on her and everything I was, was like being possesed. Then I couldn't remember what happened next until I heard her telling "This isn't working for us Gabe, I am no longer happy, please give me space, I need a week, then I'll decide. Take care for now." then she dropped. That was all it, then that week of drinks started that night." Gabe then exhaled and drank another booz. David thought for a second, and said "Your break up doesn't mean a sense Gabe, I don't know but I think Kate stopped..." "Stopped what? Loving me? Ok! this is just great." Gabe exclaimed. Then David gave his advice "Gabe, that's what I think. Ok? But hear this, its really up to you what to do about it, you know there are two roads on this journey, one is to give up on her and could make you regret it OR could take away the pain, and you could take the other road which is to take the risk of waiting for her and still loving her which could end up having her back OR could end up taking the other road. Its really up to you Gabe. But Gabe, think of what you need not you what you want." "David you know how I love this girl. I am truly happy having her even though she failed to let me feel being her priority, I never felt incomplete when I am with her, this feeling for her which I am willing to take till forever, and I love loving her." "I tell you Gabe, how sure are you that you would be happy when your relationship comes back? Would what happened in between affects? think about it."

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