Chapter XI: Break Out [From the Point-Of-View of Zeraindene Lamahkia]

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[One Hour Later]

Time: 06:54 PM; Location: In the outskirts of San Diego

    I stopped at the last location of my hunting for Aiden and Samaira. I had searched almost each and every part of the city... and this could be where my human friends were captivated. No way, this WAS the place. The one-storey  structure carried the large metal emblem of USETDARA, which shimmered in the fiery glow of the sky. "D-Dad... so your forces have  arrived?"


    The building was full of security appliances, but no human. I wondered about the reason, as I skillfully dodged through every obstacles as well as deactivating some of them.

    "The last chamber!" I glanced around as I moved towards the dark room. I didn't feel any danger except the  CCTV-laser attached camera that hung at the inside wall of the cell, where Aiden and Samaira were jailed.


    "Zydia!" They exclaimed when the camera blew off, and why were they blushing like if...?!

    "Wow, how did you do that? This... laser shot!" Samaira jumped in excitement.

    "Well, I am a... Xen'mydian!" I was reluctant to recall my race, because this had already created a rift between my brotherly-friend and me. But things were quite different for Aiden, then.

    "Zydia! W-Why in the world you are here? The police, the agents, the Government... everyone is after you!"

    I smiled at Aiden's reaction: Dude, he wasn't at all worried for himself! "Well, it's not the case now..."

    "So, does it mean that the Government... or anything, is now not after you?" Samaira bent down.

    "Rather take it seriously, we should be prepared Samaira." Aiden asked with his arm crossed, he stood erect.

    Samaira looked curiously at Aiden. "W-Why, what happened?" None of the kids really had an answer, but both of them were supposing one particular occurence and I bet- they were right!

    "Were you really hurt, Aiden and Samaira?"

    "Well, we supposed that we would be if we don't give your whereabouts... but, no one really appeared!" Aiden replied.

    "Except when those 'men in blacks' threw us inside, and when they come here for the 'first-and-not-last-chance'!" Samaira added. "Why, Zydia... are the Xen'mydians...?"

    I said that I ave only a supposition, but that can absolutely true. "First, lets get out of here!" I gestured them to follow me, and raced to the outside.... Where Davis and Amethe, and his squad were waiting for us.

    "Davis, is that you?" Samaira asked as she recognized her uncle's fellow-mate.

    "What's going on?!" Aiden yelled as he looked at the sky.

    "Yeah, the sky has grown awkwardly fiery purple!" Davis said as he got down of a jeep. "And in the last hour, we got the news that the White House had been raided!"


    "It's impossible! Why only White House?!" Aiden joined in the shocking-expression.

    "Not only White House, actually I thought you would be pretty aware of the situation like that!" Davis replied.

    "So?" Aiden, Samaira and me, both asked at the same time.

    "The Xen'mydians have appeared in the sky of all major cities of the country." The Professor Amethe explained. "They have blown every ruling-setups, and... that's how they have forced the Government close."

    "Close?! But didn't Government closed eyes and ears to this?" I asked.

    "Well, Agent Stephenson managed somehow... but, the millitary isn't enough to face the invaders in the sky." The professor replied.

    "I see."

    "Furthermost, the Xen'mydians have attacked the center of San Diego!"

    I gasped, and so did the kids. "What about my Mom?" Aiden jumped between.

    "We are trying  isolate the people... to the obscure areas. But it doesn't seem that they are after the civilians!"

    I tried to find a strong reason, but-

    "Whatever, we can't ignore our family and our friends!!" Aiden insisted that we should join in, for saving the Earth's inhabitants. I realized he took it as his destination... despite a strong probability that he couldn't do much.

    Whatever, now the fate of the planet was in our very hands! A hyper-emergency planning has been done, and... let's see if we can act upon it!!!

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