Chapter three

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My plane landed at the airport at exactly 3 hours. No delays. When I went inside the arrivals. I saw my bestfriend Kiev right away.

We did our fist pump ritual.

"Hey bro! long time no see." he laughed .at me

"I kinda miss you asshole!"

Now it's my turn to laugh at him. "Don't be such an ass kissing gay." He then waved at someone.

"You're going to meet my girlfriend and our daughter ." he smiled. it's weird to see him smiling like an idiot. There must be something with this girl that made him smile like this.

It will be a surprise for Tris too. My arrival is just a new beginning. I want to start fresh with Tris.

I turned around and saw my bestfriend's girlfriend.

"Von, meet Tris. My Girlfriend and Our daughter, Zia."

Whatthefck. Ground, just swallow me up right now.

She offered her hands. "Hi. Nice to meet you Von." she smiled. Her most genuine smile.

I take her hand and rub her pinkie. I felt her hands tremble.

"Okay. You might fell inlove with my girlfriend." I fell for her hard already! Ass!

"This is our daughter, Zia."

She smiled. "Hello mister." I felt something inside me. She's definitely a carbon copy of her mom.

"We should get something to eat I guess." She said with her smile.

We drove somewhere. My bestfriend just won't stop talking of how they met. And I just listen timidly and never catch A gaze from her.

Is she a different person? Or she's just pretending.

"You know. We met at our darkest hour. She's left by an ass and me just in the verge if self destructing." he chuckled. "it's just funny how met.

" I don't know what to do if she left. I'll rot in hell."

Well I guess she's not hearing anything. Her earphones, plugged in her ears and Zia's asleep.

It's her. The Tris I loved.

I'm sorry for what happened. You're in hell because of me. This man saved you and I'm grateful for that and you have a child with him. But I can't let you walk out of my life. Just not easy. After all that I sacrificed just to be with you. I'll accept the child no matter what. If you choose me over him.

We went to her favorite resto.

She ordered the same food we used to eat.

She even picked the seat we used to!

"Nice choice Beb!" I looked at him.

Beb?! Really?! Before, she never let me call her endearments. She feel like it was a puppy thing and now just that? Beb?!

"I know Beb." She gave him a peck without looking at me.

"Shall we?"

We ate with Kiev talking like a woman.

"So, Von you should be the one talking a lot."

"If you'll let me." He laughed

"Okayy, what did you do with your life for the past 3 years?!"

I smiled and look at her. Her, attending Zia.

"You know, busy fixing myself for the girl I love. My dad won't let me marry her until I have architect in my name. So I have left." What I said caught her attention.

"Still, you left her. You know what they say. Distance makes the heart grow colder. I don't think she will forgive you for that." she shrugged. an apologetic shrugged. And continue attending Zia.

"She will because she's still inlove with me."

"If not?" She asked. nonchalantly

"I'll find a way to make her fall in love with me. But this time she'll fall real hard. And she will never think of having an affair."

I smiled at her. I can see the color fading at her face.

Kiev doesn't seem to notice what it is we're talking about.

"But if you love her you should set her free, right?"

"Yeah, but it's not about what's right." I played my food

"It's fighting for what's once yours. It's not always about rainbows, unicorns but it's hoping for a happy ending." She looked at me again and eat again.

"Dude, Dublin changed you." We laughed

"The girl changed me. She can single handedly change someone's life and single handedly ruin too."

"When you guys left us women you always bring a piece of us with you.

That lead us to our destruction."

"Beb, are you okay?"

She smiled. "I'm fine. You know. Defending our race." she laughed her carefree laugh.

I want to change the topic.

"How old are you Zia?"

She counted her fingers and Flashed three using her fingers. she's so ecstatic like her mom. "Three!"

She's three so after I left they did something. Laughable.

After that thrilling lunch we went somewhere else.

Finally, Kiev dropped me by my a..holedad's house.

"We have some unfinished business to finish." he winked and drive of.

Whatthefck. He's totally doing her!

When I got inside.

I saw myfckingsssholedad. He's not aging.

"My greetings, Son." he's about to hug me when I hold his collar and punch him in the face.

"You ruined my life dad!"

Then I went to my room.

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