seven years later.

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(Harrys pov)

I had got Megan back, Dynasty was in jail and Leo was with one of Megans old mates Logan. Me and Megan were engaged and had three kids, a girl and twins. ( Girl and boy twins) Darcy, Marvin and Mckayla. Life was great.

The wedding was today. I was on the Alter with my best men (the 4 boys) when here comes the bride started to play. The priest asked us all to stand. "This castle is lovely by the way man." Zayn said, it was the church and the venue was in the castle later. Then Gemma and Rianna walked in with a bouquet of lilies, they were wearing a hot pink peplum with diamonds on. Next came Logan and Abbie wearing the same. (Megans mates & my sister) Then Kelly, Lexie, sophie, Leoni, Maggie and Grace came in holding Freesias and wearing a dark blue floaty dress with jewels on it. (Megans family.) Then the kids came in, Marvin wearing a creme tux, Mckayla and Darcy wearing a pink princess dress that had gold gittery swirls all over it. Then she came in. Our honeymoon was still a surprise I was taking her to Paris. Megan was wearing a white princess dress with swarovski crystals on the bodice, you couldn't see them over the dress but she was wearing Kurt geigers that were covered in swarovski diamonds aswell. She looked stunning. Once she joined me at the Alter she said "Harry!"

"Megan!" I said back.


"Harry wake up man!"

And I woke up, Zayn was by me.

"You fell asleep." He said.

"Where's Darce, Marv and Kay?" I asked using my nicknames for my kids.

"Who are they? What are you chattin? Anyway you need to get a plan to get Megan back..." Oh! It was just a dream. I knew one thing though, I would do everything in my power to get her back...

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