Chapter 34

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Jai's POV

"Who, are you currently crushing on?" Caspar smirks at me.

I should answer this one, apart from Josh these guys are my best friends. Even Liam, who has only been here for a day.

I lower my voice so that hopefully only Caspar and Liam can hear me. I know it sounds unnecessary but you never know when a spy is about.

"Skye." It's true. Ever since Primary school.

"Ever since primary school?" Liam says, a little too loud

"Did I say that bit out loud?"

Caspar and Liam nod.

"Okay, guys, please don't tell anyone. I don't want her to know yet.

"Yes I swear. Pinky promise?" Caspar holds out his pinky to me. I smile and bat it away.

"Your so immature."

"Says Mr.Don'ttellanyone." Caspar argues.

"Hey!" I punch him in the arm while Liam laughs at our silliness.

"You gotta ask her out!" Liam says encouragingly.


"Why not?" Caspar and Liam are going up against me together now.

"Maybe. But this is my stop. I gotta get off!" I stand up and grab my school bag.

"This ain't the end of this conversation Jai!" Caspar yells to me as I walk to the train door. I flash him a grin then step off onto the train platform.

When I turn to see the train go off, Skye is walking out, blushing.

Oh f*ck.


Well Jai is screwed huh?

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